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How to UnArchive Messages on WhatsApp

When it comes to online discussions, it's best to keep things neat and tidy. This includes archiving old messages when they are no longer relevant to keep your inbox clear and clutter-free.

Archiving WhatsApp messages to keep them private may be something you're already familiar with if you use it frequently for communication and discussion. Can you restore an archived WhatsApp chat?

Read on to learn how to Unarchive WhatsApp messages in this guide.

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How to locate your archived chats

In the Android app, you may access your archived chats by selecting the Archived link from the main page. Find the conversation you're interested in and just press "Continue" to bring it back to the home screen.

On the iPhone, you can unarchive a message by going to the main screen and pulling it down. This will bring up the Archived section, which is located right below the search bar on the left-hand side. Alternatively, you can conduct a search for the individual.

How to UnArchive Messages on WhatsApp

How about resurrecting an old WhatsApp conversation you've buried in the past? In this way:

  • Navigate to the Chats tab in WhatsApp.
  • Click on "Archived" at the top of the Chats screen.
  • To remove an archived message chat, hold down the menu button and select delete.
  • To unarchive select unarchive

Alternatively, you can click Unarchive by swiping left on the WhatsApp message.

You can use this method to archive and unarchive individual message conversations as well as group message chats and threads as needed.

When it comes to unarchiving WhatsApp messages on your iPhone, you'll discover that the process is exactly the same regardless of the type of device you use.