How to turn off personalized Ads in iPhone in iOS 15

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In this article we will discuss How to turn off personalized Ads in iPhone. Advertising IDs enable companies to target ads according to your activity. iPhones have their own unique advertising ID-at least, they used to. Does your iPhone or iPad still support resetting the ID?

As with browser cookies, advertising IDs work on the same principle. You can be shown advertisements that are more likely to be interacted with based on things like your location and shopping habits. Consider it if you care about privacy.

iPhone users, however, have good news. Since iOS 14, apps are required to ask before tracking your activity. Advertising IDs do not need to be re-set. It is even possible to turn off all tracking requests from apps.

How to turn off personalized Ads in iPhone.

You will see fewer targeted ads.

  • Open the “Settings” app from your iPhone or iPad home screen.
  • Choose “Privacy” from the Settings menu.
  • At the bottom, tap “Apple Advertising”.
  • You can turn off “Personalized Ads” with a simple toggle.

That’s it! Apple makes it easier for apps to track you, and advertising IDs are no longer concerning on iPhones due to these restrictions.

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