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How to Turn off Facebook Memories

In this article we will discuss How to Turn off Facebook Memories. In addition to displaying posts from prior years on the same day, Facebook's Memories function displays you posts from other years from the same day. A beautiful way to recall happy events, joyful news, or wonderful accomplishments can be created using this method. You can also experience distressing recollections from past periods of your life that you do not wish to remember.

Fortunately, this feature may be turned off. You can choose whether or not specific memories or people are associated with Memories.

How to Turn off Facebook Memories

You can disable the Memories function at any time. Here's how it works:

  • On the left side of the menu bar, open Facebook and select Memories.
 How to Turn off Facebook Memories
  • Check your notifications.
 How to Turn off Facebook Memories
  • Selecting notification options

The way Facebook decides when to notify you of Memories is up to you. Which of them do you prefer?
The Best: Facebook only notifies you about your Memories once every day. Once you've seen a video on Facebook, you'll only get a notification if there's something interesting about it. Notifies you of any Memories: Facebook does not notify you of any. Select a notification method that best suits your needs

There are three ways to block off memories involving certain people or dates.

It is possible to restrict memories that you share with select persons or dates. This is how:

  • From the navigation bar on the left, open Facebook and select Memories.
  • The Memories icon is located on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • If you want to hide persons you don't want to see on Facebook, then unselect "Show People". When you're done entering the name of the individual, select the account that appears in the drop-down menu and click Save to save the account details.
 How to Turn off Facebook Memories
  • If you would like to conceal certain persons from your memories, then use the "Hide People" option.
 How to Turn off Facebook Memories
  • If you'd prefer to hide memories relating to a specific day or event, select the "Hide Dates" option. The user must first select 'Add New Date Range', then provide a start and end date to finish the task.
  • If you want to hide Memories relating to a specific day or event, then use the 'Hide Dates' option.

Prevent the recalling of certain memories

By deleting the post, you can selectively remove Memories.

  • You cannot see your Memory collection while you are viewing your Timeline, but you can search or click to a specific post to update its settings. Use the Search Profile option (located on your profile page, which has a magnifying glass on it) to search for the post.
  • To turn off alerts for this post, go to the Settings page and click the three-dotted Settings button (on which appears the word "turn off"). Selecting the Delete post option deletes the post completely.

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