How to Trim an iPhone Voice Memo in iOS 15

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In this article we will discuss How to Trim an iPhone Voice Memo in iOS 15. Do you use the Voice Memos app on your iPhone or iPad to capture audio? You may want to reduce these recorded voice samples and remove unnecessary bits for a better recording. So to learn Trim an iPhone Voice Memo in iOS 15 go through the article.

The integrated Voice Memos software allows users to create personalized voice recordings rapidly. This might be a personal voice clip or a professional podcast. Voice memos may also alter recorded images, removing the requirement for a third party app or post-processing software.

Step by step Guide to Trim an iPhone Voice Memo in iOS 15

You’ll need an iPhone or iPad running at least iOS 12 or later to access the built-in editor in the Voice Memos app.

  • Start the Voice Memos app pre-installed on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Once the app launches, all your recordings will be visible. Tap the audio recording you wish to edit to start.
How to Trim an iPhone Voice Memo in iOS 15
  • You will now have access to replay controls and additional options. Tap the triple dot icon as shown in the following screenshot.
Trim an iPhone Voice Memo in iOS 15
  • This will open the menu of activities on the screen. Tap “Edit Recording” right under the share choice here.
Edit an iPhone Voice Memo in iOS 15
  • Now you will have access to the editor of Voice Memos. Tap the trim icon above the audio waveform as seen below.
Modify an iPhone Voice Memo in iOS 15
  • Now at the beginning and end of the recorded clips, you will notice two yellow trim lines. Drag the two trim lines to eliminate the piece that is outside the highlighted yellow zone. When you read the audio sample, tap “Trim.”
How to Trim an iPhone Voice Memo in iOS 15
  • The shortened footage is now available in advance. If you don’t like the result, you can cancel it again and replace it. Or, touch “Save” to overwrite the recording with all edits if you are happy.


The Voice Memos app from Apple not only allows you to record voice snippets and other audio file on your iOS/iPadOS device, but also enables you to edit and decompose the final recordings.

The integrated Voice Memos editor can also record sections of the audio or replace the entire voice clip. Plus, you may simply reduce background noise from the captured images when your iPhone runs iOS 14 or later.

Were you aware that you can make ringtones from your iPhone recordings? That’s right, you can turn your voice memo into a knuckle within minutes with Apple’s free GarageBand software on the App Store. This allows you to personalise your ringtones and text tones.

You may want to upgrade the recording quality to lossless if you use Voice Memos often. Just know that this increases the size of the recording.

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