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How to track anyone location using TikTok

In this article we will learn How to track anyone location using TikTok. IP addresses can be used to determine a user's location. You can identify the location of a device and the user's IP address by looking at what app or website a user is using. Can the location of someone be tracked using TikTok?

In order to protect the privacy of their users, social media apps have strict privacy and security policies. Your IP address may be logged by some social sites solely for security reasons. Social media apps such as TikTok do not reveal users' IP addresses, but by following the correct process you can discover someone's IP address.

How to track anyone location using TikTok

1. Find the location on TikTok

There are billions of people who use TikTok to share content. By keeping the IP address of its users and other information private, TikTok respects their privacy. Obtaining the IP address of a user is not as hard as it sounds. As long as you have the right skills, this is a piece of cake. To locate a person on TikTok, you only need to convince them to follow a few simple instructions.

2. IP Grabber (Grabify IP)

You can generate short links that let you know the location of a target online using IP grabbers, as the name implies. The easiest way to acquire users is to generate a link, send it to them, and have them click the link. It's free and requires no technical skills or investment. A shortened URL can be generated for free online and by following a few simple steps.

How to track TikTok user using Grabify IP

  • Go to Grabify IP
  • Enter the URL you want Grabify to track. Choose any link you can choose any link which you think user will like example any gossip news.
How to track TikTok user using Grabify IP
  • Pop Up window of confirmation will show-up click "Agree and Create URL"
How to track TikTok user using Grabify IP
  • Provide the client with the Grabify IP Logger link.
  • Whenever Grabify generates a link, it will generate a tracking code for you.
  • Tracking codes should be entered on the home page, and clicking "Tracking Code" should bring up all the data captured by Grabify.

The method, however, is only efficient if the target user also follows you on TikTok. You can now start a conversation with your target on TikTok after you have shortened the URL. You can discuss the shortened URL with him after a few minutes. Upon clicking on the URL, users are redirected to Grabify's website. The shortened URL trick is only useful for people who are unaware of how it is used to collect IP addresses, so this method can be used by anyone.

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