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How to Tame a fox in Minecraft (2022)

You can tame a lot of different beasts and mobs in this game. Some are cuter than others, and some are kind of cute even though they are mean. Back when the game first started, it was a lot easier than it is now, because there weren’t as many choices. The fox is a newer character and is harder to control than the wolf, who has been in the game for years.

This Minecraft taming guide will explain how to bring a wild fox into your home and make it a pet. Like wolves, you need to feed them the right things and take care of them well. Read on to find out what you have to do.

How to Tame a fox in Minecraft (2022)

The process isn’t too hard, but it does take time to get ready. You need at least one or two leads and the right food. Leads are used to move fox cubs from place to place. You need to eat sweet berries or glow berries.

First, you have to find a group of foxes. Like all the other animals in the game, they can only be found in certain biomes. They can move around a bit, but they are most likely to be in certain types of zones. Below is a full list of all the Biomes where Foxes can be found.

  • Grove
  • Old Growth Pine Taiga
  • Old Growth Spruce Taiga
  • Snowy Taiga
  • Taiga

Below Commands can help you if you don’t mind cheating.

If you tell /locatebiome what kind of biome you want to find, it will tell you how to get there. For example, to find the nearest Taiga biome, type /locatebiome minecraft:taiga.

Once you’ve found one, use its favourite food to lure it back to your base. That means you need a steady supply of sweet berries or glow berries. If you have this item in your active hand, they might follow you. You can’t fully tame a fox in Minecraft just by feeding it, though. This takes a bit more work.

Then you need to feed it the right food. You have to feed a fox either sweet berries or glow berries in order to tame it. Glow Berries can be found on certain trees. To learn more, check out our guide to Glow Berries.

Get as many as you can, because you’ll need them later when you have more than one fox. That’s because, like other animals in the game, you can get foxes to have babies by giving them enough food. Feed each fox once you have a pair, and hearts will appear above their heads. From there, a fox cub will be born.

Attach a lead to the fox cub and take it back to your base. Pen it in and keep feeding it. When the baby grows up, it will trust you completely. As soon as that happens, it will also fight with you if certain mobs attack you. But be careful, because it isn’t very tough and won’t be able to take much damage.