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How to Speed Up Voice Notes on WhatsApp

The likelihood is that you have experienced the frustration of wanting to rush through a lengthy audio message in order to get through its substance and move on with your life.

If you've had a similar experience in the past, WhatsApp's speed control option for audio messages may be of interest to you. Voice Notes on WhatsApp can be played at different speeds. WhatsApp announced the launching of a new speed control function for audio conversations in June 2021, which will be available in July 2021.

It is possible to use the feature to make the voice note play up to two times faster by just touching on an icon while the message is being played.

How to Speed Up Voice Notes on WhatsApp

To make advantage of the speed control feature, you must first ensure that your WhatsApp application is up to date.

You'll be able to speed up any voice message after you've finished changing it by following the steps outlined below:

  • Open a chat window and press the play button on a voice message to listen to it.
  • To boost the playback speed rate to 1.5x, select the 1x icon to the right of the message and press it.
  • Tap once more to boost the pace to 2x. The speed is reset to 1x by tapping the screen a second time.

Follow-up voice notes will be played at the same speed as the previous ones.

Methods for Making Use of the WhatsApp Speed Control Feature

If you're listening to a 10-minute message at regular speed in order to catch a detail you might have missed during your initial listen, it might be tedious, especially if you don't remember how far into the message the detail was revealed. In addition to moving the progress bar, you can now use the speed control option to fast-forward the message to the point when you were distracted by something else.

In addition, the tool assists you in getting through texts from contacts who talk slowly. Increase the speech rate to x1.5 or x2 in order to get the gist of the communication more quickly. Even on WhatsApp Web, you have the option of speeding up your voice communications. Additionally, the technique for speeding up texts is the same.

WhatsApp now offers much more convenience.

The ability to accelerate voice notes eliminates one of the drawbacks associated with these audio messages: the need to listen to lengthy, time-consuming recordings.

As these and other quality of life improvements become available, we can expect WhatsApp will continue to roll them out to users in order to improve their overall experience with the app.

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