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How to Set Up a Digital Legacy Contact to Pass on Data in iOS 15

In this article we will demonstrate how to set up a Digital Legacy Contact to pass on data in iOS 15. It's usually disastrous to lose someone close by. Thanks to the technology we have nowadays, we can appreciate the time by viewing the historical images and movies. In WWDC 21 Apple announced that it has addd a digital legacy account service so that you can assign an administrator who can access your data if you die.

Let us find out more about this amazing feature & how to enable Digital Legacy Contact to pass on data in iOS 15

What is Digital Legacy in iOS 15 and how does it function?

The Digital Legacy in iOS 15 allows you to safely convey your data to trustworthy friends and family members, including images, videos, notes, and other information. It will enable your closed ones to access your files after you have left.

And it is as difficult to look at pictures of a person who has died, so that you have access to information about their billing accounts, insurance emails and others.

In iOS 15, you can add your 'digital legacy' to your contacts. Your closes may request the use of an Access Key and a copy of your death certificate to copy your data. You can download the deceased person's files after checking from Apple.

Digital Legacy can be accessed on any Apple macOS 12 Monterey, iOS 15, and iPadOS 15 systems, including Mac and iPhone, respectively. Digital Legacy will deploy the operating system's stable editions "this fall."

What information can Digital Legacy contacts see?

When you add a family member as a Digital Legacy contact, they can view all the data connected to your account, including:

Messages, Emails, Videos, Videos Notes, Contacts, Events in the calendar

Confident contacts cannot, however, view details such as your iCloud keychain, payment information, subscriptions and licensed material.

There is also a date of expiration for the data. This means you only have a certain number of days before you download all the data. Apple allows you to import the data instantly to an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Can Apple read data on the iCloud account of a deceased family member?

No. Apple securely packs the contents into a zip file if you request a copy of the data and can then download them. Apple ensures that every step in this process is encrypted and Apple cannot view any of the data.

How to add a Digital Legacy iOS 15 contact

  • Open Settings for iPhone and type in your name.
  • Choose Password & Security to choose Legacy Contact.
  • Tap the icon Add Legacy Contact next.
  • Tap Add Legacy Contact again.
  • Enter and sign in your Apple ID password or it face ID verification
  • Search for and hit Continue for your trusted contact. This creates an Access Key to your account.
  • Tap Print a copy and save the access key in pdf format.

You can share this Access Key with the trusted contact by email, WhatsApp, o your favourite communication method.

When you request data, the confident contact will be asked to upload the Access Key to ensure the cloud backup of the Access Key is available.

How to manage digital legacy contacts in iOS 15| (How to download digital legacy contacts key in iOS 15)

If you don't want a person to have a key on your account or if your reliable contact misplaces your access key, you can deactivate a Digital Legacy contact.

  • Open Settings for your iPhone and tap your profile.
  • Scroll down to legacy contact and select Password & Security.
  • In this list you will discover all your legacy contacts.
  • Select the contact you want the access key to download.
  • Tap Access Key for View and Save as PDF (again).

How to Remove a Digital Legacy contact in iOS 15

In case you changed your mind and want to remove Digital Legacy contact please follow below steps:

  • Open Settings for your iPhone and tap your profile.
  • Tap Password & security — Type Legacy Contact.
  • Next, select a contact you wish Digital Legacy to revoke.
  • Tap Remove below the Access Key button.
  • To confirm, select Remove again.

Download data from the iCloud account of a deceased family member

Since the feature is not yet available, the question of how a contact with Digital Legacy can obtain a copy of a deceased's data remains unknown. However, you might ask for information at based on the Apple screenshots given at WWDC 21.

Remember that to request a copy of the death certificate and access key, you will need to share the copy. The data has an expiry date, so you must download it before it is removed completely.

Digital legacy shows to be a helpful tool in this digital age. It depicts how humans have progressed and become technologically dependant.

I hope you understand all of Digital Legacy in iOS 15 and how to enable it on your iPhone. Share your doubts or related questions in the comments below!

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