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How to run two apps simultaneously on Android through split-screen

In this article we will demonstrate How to run two apps simultaneously on Android through split-screen. Android is constantly improving and introducing new features in an attempt to improve the user experience. While some of these characteristics are game changers, others often go unnoticed. Today, we'd want to examine a feature that most likely falls into the latter category.

Android introduced the ability to run many apps simultaneously on your smartphone a few years ago. This functionality enables users to double their productivity (or social media browsing) by simultaneously seeing two apps.

Not all apps can be seen in split-screen mode at the moment. Certain Android applications, such as video games, require a full-screen mode and thus will not work with this capability. However, if you want to watch a YouTube video while browsing through your Twitter feed, this function is ideal for you. This is how you can configure it.

How to configure Android's split-screen apps

Android's multi-app split-screen capability is an excellent tool for maximising the capabilities of your Android device.

Now you can watch all of Instagram reels without losing your place in your Twitter feed. To open two apps simultaneously on your Android device, follow these steps.

Open the first application that you wish to view.

  • On your phone, open the recent app explorer (represented by a vertical three-line menu on Samsung smartphones and a swipe-up gesture on Pixel).
  • Tap and hold the first app's app icon at the top.
  • Select Open in split-screen mode for instructions on how to split-screen on Android.
  • Choose the second application you wish to open.

And there you have it. After that, you'll be able to access both apps simultaneously on your Android device. You can cycle through both apps from here, resize them to match your needs, or return to viewing one of the apps by sliding the resize buttons.

With split-screen apps, you can now fully utilise the multitasking capabilities of your Android device.

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