How to remove credit card from Discord Nitro

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In this article we will learn How to remove credit card from Discord Nitro. Your Discord Nitro subscription will automatically renew if you buy it. Your choice of plan will determine how much you pay. The monthly plan will cost you $9.99 per month. The yearly plan, however, costs $99.99 annually.

Nitro must be cancelled in order for you not to be charged. A credit card can also be removed from your billing settings. Epic Games provided a free 3-month subscription to Discord Nitro in June 2021. So to remove credit card from Discord Nitro follow these steps.

You need to navigate to “Billing” in your user settings in Discord to turn off your credit card. After you have clicked on “Edit” and then “Delete Payment Method”, Discord will remove your credit card. Billing is only available in Discord’s desktop version. According to Discord, billing is not currently supported in its mobile app as of June 2021.

As soon as you have removed your credit card from Discord, Nitro will no longer automatically charge you.

How to remove credit card from Discord Nitro

Navigate to your user settings

  • First, launch Discord on your computer.
  • Please visit to download Discord for your desktop.
  • After clicking “Download for Windows”, you will have the option to download the software.
  • Log in to your Discord account after you have downloaded the app.
  • You should then visit your user settings.
  • Go to your user settings by clicking the settings icon below the left sidebar.

Click on “Billing” and then “Edit”

  • You will land on your account settings page after clicking on the gear icon.
  • You’ll see a number of headers on the left side of the page.
  • Users can access their settings by selecting “User Settings”, “Billing Settings”, “App Settings”, or “Activity Settings”.
  • The billing settings can be found under “Billing”.
  • You can see all your payment options in your billing settings.
  • You can remove a payment method by clicking “Edit” on it.

Click on the “Delete Payment Method” link

  • Clicking on “Edit” will open your credit card information.
  • You’ll find a “Delete Payment Method” button at the bottom of your credit card information.
  • Delete your credit card in Discord by clicking on the “Delete Payment Method” link.
  • Credit cannot be removed unless you have already cancelled Nitro Subscription.
  • So to cancel subscription follow this Guide.
  • The credit card has been removed from Discord!


Credit cannot be removed unless you have already cancelled Nitro Subscription. Your credit card number may be required if you’ve claimed a free Discord Nitro offer. The offer will not be valid otherwise.

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