How to Remove a Section Break from a Word Document

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In Microsoft Word, you can insert section breaks to break up your document and format individual blocks of text.

For instance, you can have sections with varying margin sizes, as well as sections with varying headers and footers. Section breaks are distinct from page breaks, which move the content following a page break to the start of the following page.

When a section break is removed, the text preceding and following the break is combined into a single section that inherits the formatting of the preceding section.

This article will demonstrate how to remove section breaks from a Word document.

  • In Word, section breaks enable you to divide your document into distinct sections.
  • In Word, you can delete a section break by displaying and then deleting the page break icons.
  • Additionally, you can delete multiple items or all of them simultaneously using the Find and Replace dialogue box.

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How to Remove a Section Break from a Word Document

The steps for removing section breaks are identical whether you’re using Microsoft Word on Windows or Mac.

How to Remove a Section Break from a Word Document
  • If the Home tab is not already selected for the document, select it.
  • Select Show/Hide to reveal or conceal your document’s section breaks.
  • Select the area immediately preceding the section break you wish to delete, then press the Delete key.
  • Ensure that Track Changes is turned off; otherwise, you will be unable to remove section breaks.
To begin, disable “Track Changes.”
  • Expand the dropdown by selecting the Review tab and clicking Track Changes. Then, in the dropdown menu, click Track Changes to disable the feature.

How to remove multiple or all section breaks simultaneously

If your Microsoft Word document contains multiple section breaks, removing them one by one can be tedious. Fortunately, there is a method for removing multiple or all of them simultaneously.

  • If it is not already selected in your document, click the Home tab.
  • To open the Find and Replace dialogue box, click Replace.
  • On the bottom left, click More >>.
How to remove multiple or all section breaks simultaneously
Expand the dialogue box labeled “Find and Replace.”
  • Click Special to expand the dropdown and select Section Break at the bottom of the dialogue box. You will notice that the Find what text box now contains the character b.
  • Select “Section Break” from the “Special” menu’s dropdown list.
How to remove multiple or all section breaks simultaneously
  • Make certain that the Replace with text box is empty. If there is anything in there, delete it; otherwise, Word will substitute whatever is in the text box for the section breaks.
  • Click Find Next until the section break you wish to remove is located, and then click Replace. Carry on in this manner until you’ve removed all of the unwanted ones. Alternatively, you can click Replace All to remove all section breaks simultaneously.