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How to permanently delete your Instacart account

In this article we will learn How to permanently delete your Instacart account. Instacart is a San Francisco-based American merchant that provides grocery delivery and pick-up services in the United States and Canada.

Delete your Instacart account to clear your purchase history and data completely.  Your account can be accessed via the app or the web. Instacart offers iOS and Android mobile applications. By deleting it, you will be unable to log into Instacart.

Additionally, it deletes your transaction history and certain customer information. For instance, when you use Instacart's grocery delivery service, the company collects information about you and shares it with third parties in order to improve the product. Examine the Instacart Privacy Statement.

Your balance on your Instacart gift card, unused credits, and promotions will be forfeit. We recommend cancelling your Instacart Express subscription first. You can continue to utilise the subscription services and receive complimentary deliveries until the end of your monthly billing cycle. Your account will be deleted following deactivation.

It is a cashless application. Your payment method and credit card information can be updated at any time via the account settings section in the app.

Whatever your reason, there is currently no way to delete account through on-demand delivery software on your phone. You can request to remove your Instacart account at any time.

Steps by step guide to permanently delete your Instacart account.

There are 3 options to permanently delete your Instacart account we will go through each one of these.

1. Contact Instacart support to Delete Instacart Account

  • Contact Instacart support and request that they deactivate your free account.
  • Call 1-888-246-7822 and request that your account be delete.

2. Delete Instacart Account By Website

  • Visit Instacart website
  • Access your account by logging in. It will direct you to the contact page.
  • Click "My Account" under the contact area.
  • Then click the "Account Information" link.
  • Then select "Email with us."
  • Then, in the text field, type a message requesting that your Instacart account be deleted.
  • Click the "Submit" button.

Once submit Instacart team will process your request and you will get confirmation of account deletion over your registered email

3. Send Email to get your Instacart account deleted

  • You can request that Instacart to delete your account by writing an email to Instacart support.
  • Open the email account associated with the Instacart app or website.
  • Enter the email address "[email protected]" in the field below.
  • In the subject line of your email, type "REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT."
  • Send them a mail requesting that they remove your account.
  • Click "Send".

You will get confirmation of account deletion over your registered email.


Not sure why Instacart didn't provided Instacart account deletion from its website or app directly. It should have been very convenient option if provided. However we are good as we now know the process how to to get your Instacart account removed.

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