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How To Make Instagram Account Private

In this article we will demonstrate how to make Instagram account private. Although Instagram can be overwhelming at times, users can restore control over their use of the social networking platform by keeping their account private. Although private accounts are not a new feature on Instagram, they are certainly worth investigating.

Instagram has exploded in popularity since its 2010 launch, becoming one of the world's most popular social media platforms. Users can upload photographs to their timelines, add them to Instagram Stories, get lost on the Explore tab, and even shop. Along with almost limitless capabilities, Instagram has amassed a monstrous following - more than 1 billion monthly users. With so many users on the app, it's common for unwanted attention to be directed towards people's profiles. Fortunately, this is a fairly simple thing to avoid.

Steps by step guide to make Instagram account private in Android / iPhone

Create a Private Instagram Account Creating a private Instagram profile is pretty straightforward. The following instructions demonstrate how to do so using the Instagram iPhone app in iOS 15:

  • Launch Instagram App
  • Tap on your profile icon in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.
  • On the top-right of the screen, tap the Menu (three-line menu).
  • Select Setting.
  • Select Privacy from the menu.
  • Toggle Private Account off under Account Privacy.

Step by step guide to enable Instagram account private using browser

It's as simple to alter your settings to set Instagram account as private using browser on your laptop or mobile browser.

  • Open Instagram in browser on your computer or mobile device and create an account if you haven't already and login to your account.
  • To access your profile page, click on one of your account avatars in the top right-hand corner of your screen.
Click profile icon
  • Following that, click the cog-shaped symbol to open the options menu.
Open setting
  • Click "Privacy and Security"
Click Privacy and security
  • Below the "Account Privacy" banner at the top of your screen, Tick "Private Account" tick box to make Instagram account private using browser.
Tick Private Account tick box

Important notes concerning Instagram private accounts

  • Bear in mind that the private postings you make to social media platforms may be visible to the public, depending on your privacy settings for those platforms. For instance, if you share a post to Twitter that was previously set to private on Instagram, the post may become public to those who can see your Twitter postings.
  • Once you've made your Instagram account private, anyone interested in following you will need to give you a follow request in order to view your posts.
  • All follow requests will appear in Activity, where you can approve or reject them.
  • If someone was following you before to setting your postings to private and you do not want them to see them, you can simply block them.
  • Any Instagram user, whether or not they follow you, has the ability to send you a photo or video.
  • Apart from the points mentioned previously, users of business profiles will not be able to make their accounts private. If you wish to convert your company account to a private one, you must first convert it to a personal account.

Why It’s Worth Switching to a Private Instagram Account

Switching to a private Instagram account is simple enough, but why would anyone want to do so in the first place? It ultimately comes down to privacy for the majority of individuals. If an Instagram account is public, anyone may search for it in the app and read whatever content they've posted. Private profiles are still searchable and discoverable on Instagram, but they cannot be viewed unless they are followed. If they choose to follow a private account, the account owner must accept the follow before the follower can view any shared photos or videos.

Whether someone is sharing intimate images or wants to limit their interactions with strangers on Instagram, the minimum work necessary to create a private account is well worth it. It takes seconds, is easily undone, and is an excellent approach to create an additional layer of privacy where none exists. While some individuals may be completely content with their account remaining public, turning private is a prudent decision for those who are not.

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