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How to Hide Likes on Your Facebook Posts

Facebook has allowed users to hide the number of reactions to their messages since May 2021. In addition, you can hide the number of reactions on posts from other people across your home feeds, groups and pages.

In this article you'll discover How to Hide Likes on Your Facebook Posts, and how to stop seeing counts of other people.
How to Hide Your Facebook Reaction Count

You can hide your favorite posts on Facebook either via the mobile app or on your PC. Below, you will learn how to execute these two.

How to Hide Likes on Your Facebook Posts on Mobile App

Follow these techniques to disguise the quantity of reactions on your postings.

  • Tap the menu symbol at the top right of your screen (Android) or near the bottom of your screen (iPhone and iPad).
  • Scroll down and hit Settings & Privacy.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Select Reaction Preferences to scroll down to news feed settings. This takes you to the Settings page for Reactions preferences.
  • From here you can disable the reactions on your posts, other users' posts or both.
  • Tap the slider on posts from other users to conceal the total number of reactions to other users' Facebook posts.
  • To hide the number of reactions on your posts, go to the neighboring slider on your posts.

How to Hide Likes on Your Facebook Posts in browser (PC/Mobile)

If you are using a browser using your PC, Mac or mobile device to access Facebook, follow these steps instead.

  • Choose the downward arrow in the top-right corner.
  • On the next page, select Settings and Privacy.
  • Go to News Feed Preferences > Preferences for reaction.
  • Toggle with the sliders, on posts from others, on posts or on both of your posts.
  • Your updated settings will be instantly stored.

Understanding Facebook’s Preference for Reaction

The new options for reactions on Facebook allow you to hide the amount of reactions to your posts and other users' posts.

If you hide the number of feedback from other Facebook users, you will not view this on your Facebook groups, news feeds and pages. This change will also effect adverts in the News Feed and elsewhere. However, this is hardly a silver bullet to hide all of Facebook's reactions. You will continue to see reaction numbers elsewhere—for example, items from the Marketplace portion of Facebook. And if someone wants to manually count, they can.

Make your Facebook experience less stressful.

Facebook's new reaction counting feature is a great method to remember a "Facebook friend"'s reactions. The situation draws social comparison from your body as far as the overall number of reactions on the platform is concerned.

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