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How to Forward Someone’s Phone Calls to Yours

In this article How to Forward Someone's Phone Calls to Yours.There are several occasions in our day-to-day lives where we would like to forward our phone calls to a different number. Dual SIM phones allow you to have two phone numbers on the same device. If you are unable to access the network for any reason, then you will not be able to receive calls on that particular number.

It appears that this problem is due to the fact that you will miss all of your crucial calls on that number. When call forwarding or call diverting is utilized, which can help in prevention of missing important calls. For those who aren't aware of this service, let us have a look first How to Forward Someone's Phone Calls to Yours.

How call forwarding (diverting) works?

There are two calls when you redirect calls to another number. Incoming calls are those calls from people who want to reach you, whereas outbound calls are made by the service provider in order to reach your forwarding number. It's possible to configure a number of options with the call forwarding feature. For the sake of illustration, we will examine a few of them.

  • Forwarding all calls: When enabled it helps in forwarding all calls to another number.
  • Forward calls when busy: Use this option if you have a second line and want the calls forwarded when the primary line is busy.
  • Forwarding Unanswered calls: When eanabled calls are forwarded when calls on the primary number go unanswered is an option.
  • Network Issue: Forward call when your primary network has a network difficulty, so your calls will be forwarded to your secondary number.

Now that we have an understanding of the fundamentals of call forwarding , we can begin to explore the several ways to effectively divert a caller's phone calls to a different number .

Instructions on How to Forward the call on another Phone Number

There are two options to forward the call on another phone number.

Forward calls using phone setting

  • You will have to get the cell phone of the person whose calls you want to forward in order to use this feature.
  • Once you've obtained the phone, navigate to Settings, and go to Call Settings.
  • Then, you should go to the Call Forwarding section. When you finish entering the number to which you want to forward your calls, your call forwarding request will be sent.
  • If you enter your own phone number or the number on which you want to forward call.
  • As option explained in last section, you will find the above-described options.
  • Now the process is complete and based on the choice selected the call forwarding will work

Forward calls using Service providers

  • Goto "Service Provider" in the service portal .
  • Within this portal, you will have the option of setting up a new call forwarding service
  • Provide input the phone number you want to forward calls to.
  • Some service provider sends OTP to the forwarding number before saving the number. So you should be having that phone number working
  • Choose the option when you want to forward calls as explained in last section.
  • Some service provider USSD codes to configure call forwarding. So get in touch with your service provider to get code to configure call forwarding.
  • Lastly some service provider also allows you to call customer care to get call forwarding configured. So call customer care to setup call forwarding.

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