how to complete the hunky honeypot challenge in bitlife

How to finish the BitLife Hunky Honeypot Challenge

BitLife gives you a new challenge every week, with specific steps you need to take. Mobile gamers who finish the challenge will get a special reward for their hard work.

The Fatal Fashionista challenge last week was pretty interesting. That one was very entertaining. This one is a bit more normal, but it’s still pretty weird for a life simulator.

There are a lot of things you have to do to finish this. This week’s challenge will be harder than last week’s because you’re back to living a criminal life.

How to finish the BitLife Hunky Honeypot Challenge

Here are the steps you need to take to finish the BitLife challenge:

  • The first thing you should do is make a male avatar. Then give them all 100% Looks. Most of the time, this means making a character more than once until you get all of their stats. Doing this now will speed up the process, but you can also grind out looks by hand if you want to. Go to the gym every year and put yourself on a diet in the Mind & Body tab.
  • The hard part is joining the mafia. You need to make a name for yourself as a criminal, which will take time. Take the time to steal cars and rob banks so that people will know who you are. Try to join when you think you’ve done enough work without being caught. Open the Special Careers tab and go to Organized Crime. Then, try to join the family you want to join. You can join if you are lucky and good at making money without getting caught.
  • After you get in, you need to build up your reputation. Spend a few years using the Crime menu to make money for the family. This will help you avoid getting caught when you start gathering evidence. One great way to do this is to steal cars and sell them. Just click on the family in the Special Careers menu and choose to make money for the family by committing small crimes. Once again, a great way to do this is to steal cars.
  • It is dangerous to get close to the top of the organisation. They don’t like it when you try to make friends with the higher-ups. Make sure you’ve been around the family for a while and have made a good name for yourself before you try to make friends with anyone. If you move too quickly, you might get hit for getting into other people’s business.
  • Once you’ve made friends with people at lower levels of the company, you can move up and make friends with the boss. Here, you should be much more careful and not try to push your luck. Once you’ve made friends, you can try to seduce them by going to the Relationships tab. After that, you can start working to become an informant. Go to the Occupation tab and click on your Mobster job. There is an option to turn snitch.
  • You have to work for four years, and you can’t get caught committing crimes during that time. If you do, you’ll lose your way out of the mob. During that time, you also need to find out more about the other people in your group. Open the Relationships tab and look for other mafia members to find evidence against them. Find dirt on these people to fill up the Confidential Informant progress bar on your profile. This is the bar above your personal Notoriety. To build a case against the family and save your life, you need to fill up that bar. Keep in mind that you might have to hit a mafia member if they find out you’re a snitch.
  • You can skip this step if you already have a character in the mafia. So there’s no harm in checking. You have to join a new family. You have to do them in the right order, so you need to talk to the family’s head first and then turn them in. When you’re done with that step, you should be able to move on.

And that’s the end of the BitLife Hunky Honeypot Challenge.