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How to Find That Song Online

Have you ever questioned "what is that song" on Google and had a difficult time locating the answer? There are a few methods for determining what song is now being played, including the use of various tools that can be found on the search engine's results page.

How to Find song on the Internet

There are specialised apps that can assist folks who are looking for a specific music, and they work in accordance with the input that is available.

Some apps allow users to sing, hum, or whistle along to the music in question, but others would require the user to listen to the song playing through the app on their smartphone.

The procedure of looking for songs may differ depending on the amount of information that is available regarding the song in question.

Several alternatives are available, but for individuals who do not like to download apps or who do not have an Alexa or Siri, Google remains one of the most reliable options available.

1. Conduct a Google search

When you get to Google, simply say "search a song" followed by a humming or whistling or even singing the melody to activate the microphone.

2. Ask Alexa

When you're listening to a song, ask Alexa, "Alexa, what song is this?" Alexa will pause the music and reveal the title of the song and the artist who is performing it.

3. Ask Siri

When you ask Siri the same question you would ask Alexa, Siri will use Shazam to identify the song that is now playing. Singing, humming, and whistling, on the other hand, are ineffective.

4. Ask Google

On the Google app, Google Assist will require searchers to ask "Hey Google, what's this song?" and then hum, whistle, or sing for approximately 10 to 15 seconds before receiving assistance. In response to the command, Google will return a list of probable songs that match the words being spoken.

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5. Use SoundCloud

You can search song in soundcloud too. Universal search box is located at the top of soundcloud website and apps, and it will suggest artists, music, and audio based on what you enter. Once you've conducted a search, you may filter the results page to easily locate tracks, playlists, and individuals.

6. Use Shazam

Shazam is an app that can be used on both Android and iOS devices, and users merely need to place their phone near the music to activate it. Shazam is capable of handling music queries from TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, movies, television series, radio, and other sources, among others.

7. Go to and do a search.

It is normally located in the credits of movies and series shows, but for those who do not want to sit and type them one by one, they can go to and look at the playlist for the show or movie in question.

8. Make use of Soundhound

If Shazam is unable to identify a song, Soundhound, an Android and iOS app, may be the next best bet for identifying the music. Music search engine Soundhound allows users to listen to a music while also humming or singing along to the song they are looking for.

9. Look for song lyrics

When looking for lyrics, use the " sign before and after the lyrics to narrow your search. If a song is uploaded, this would display the lyrics that are the closest match word for word, as well as the title of the song.

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