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How to download your Twitter Spaces audio

In this article we learn How to download your Twitter Spaces audio. While Twitter Spaces, an audio chatroom on the platform that is becoming increasingly popular, particularly in countries such as India. It provides Twitter users with a new forum in which to meet and converse with their Twitter network about a variety of topics ranging from civil rights to non-profits to gaining IT jobs. There has been a growing desire for the ability to natively record and store Spaces sessions for later listening.

Indeed, Twitter appears to have taken a half-step in that direction. Despite the fact that audio sessions can still not be recorded natively, the platform is now making audio files of Twitter Spaces available to their individual hosts, a feature that was previously unavailable. They can, if they so choose, download the audio files and make them available to those who would like to listen to them on their computers.

How to download your Twitter Spaces audio

There is a straightforward method for downloading your Twitter Spaces audio, but it is rather buried and requires a few steps. For the time being, the only option to download Spaces audio is to create a backup of your Twitter data.

  • Open Twitter App
  • Click your profile picture on left top corner.
  • Tap Setting and privacy
  • Tap Your account
  • Find and tap Download an archive of your data
  • Twitter prompt for login and password
  • Select Request archive under Twitter data.
  • You will get confirmation from twitter "We'll let you know when data is ready for download"

Sit back and relax until Twitter alerts you that the archive is ready to download. This can take days if you use Twitter a lot.

Space audio and captions are only kept for 30 days (or 90 days if the Space is reported for some reason and Twitter is investigating a rule violation), thus we recommend requesting your data promptly after finishing a Space. Of course, if you have numerous Space sessions scheduled in a week, you could wait until the last one to save time when requesting an archive. Warning: once the data is gone, it's gone.

There is now just an option to download audio from Spaces you have hosted, therefore no data is stored for Spaces you join you must ask the host to do this.

Not the best approach to record a conversation online, especially when popular chat options like Zoom allow the host to record from the start, participants to request recording, and provide recorded materials shortly afterwards. Twitter Spaces may be a terrific place for online meet-ups and public forums if it could record rooms more easily. Third-party developers work on every Twitter feature, so if the feature achieves support in tech circles, a solution may emerge from the community.

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