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How to Create Facebook Account without Phone Number

In this Article we learn How to Create Facebook Account without Phone Number. Around the world, Facebook is very well known. Our lives are not complete without it. Facebook is the parent company for WhatsApp and Instagram, as well. This has become an unavoidable part of our lives. When I created my Facebook account, I clearly remember it.

Our friends competed with each other for the most friend list members. There was some degree of popularity among the students that had nearly 1000 Facebook friends. It seems that the academic mark is never able to surpass the Facebook mark. Most people had that girl or guy in their classes, right? We did not even have our own mail ID at the time.
Our ignorance led us to use our mobile numbers when we signed up.

Back then, who knew about Zuckerberg's plans? With Facebook's rise, we can all say that high school was the time of Facebook. Now, with scammers swarming the internet and cyber crimes looping around, the internet has become haunted with its howling notifications and thundering messages.

Want to Create Facebook Account without Phone Number ? Since you are here, that's an illogical question to ask. Discover alternative ways to create your account without giving out your phone number.

How to Create Facebook Account without Phone Number

  • Visit the Facebook website to create your account.
  • A dialogue box will appear asking for the login information. Nevertheless, we aren't concentrating on it at this time. Under the dialog box is an option called "create new account.". Click on it to move forward.
  • A dialog box appears inquiring about the following information,
First name and surname,
Mobile number or email ID (you can give you mail here),
Date of Birth, and

Please fill out the dialogue box with the necessary details.

  • Then, you should see a green button below that says "sign up." Click on that button.

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