How To Configure The New Notification Summary In iOS 15

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We will demonstrate how to configure the new Notification Summary in iOS 15. on an iPhone in this article. With the impending iOS 15 software, Apple is altering the way alerts operate in iOS. The company launched a new tool called Notification Summary, which compiles a list of your recent notifications. It essentially provides you more control over app notifications and enables you to regulate non-critical notifications. The functionality is enabled by default in the iOS 15 developer beta.

Apple is reorganizing notifications in iOS 15 to make them more useful. You may schedule various app notifications using the Notification Summary feature. The summary can be scheduled to show in the morning, just before bedtime, or at any time in between. Notifications will be prioritized, ensuring that you do not miss any critical ones.

This is beneficial for anyone who is constantly distracted by the stream of notifications. You can configure your social media notifications to appear only at night, which will prevent you from being distracted. The Notification Summary will group together all notifications for that app and display them all at once.

You may customize the Notification Summary by selecting which applications to include, the frequency of the summaries, and the time you want to get the summary. Lets dive into details of how to configure the new notification summary in iOS 15.

How To Configure The New Notification Summary In iOS 15 | (How to enable the Notification Summary feature in iOS 15)

As previously stated, the Notification Summary feature is disabled by default. If your iPhone is running iOS 15, here’s how to enable the feature.

  • Open the Settings app from your home screen.
  • Scroll & Tap Notifications.
  • Now look for Scheduled Summary & Toggle slider to enable.
  • When you enable the function for the first time, you’ll be prompted to select a few apps and schedule when the summary will appear on your phone.
  • Additionally, you can specify how frequently you wish to be reminded of notifications. Naturally, you can now edit the apps and timings.

How to customize Notification Summary feature in iOS 15

After enabling Schedule Summary for notifications and selecting the apps, there are a variety of ways to improve your notification management. The Scheduled Summary settings include the following parameters.

  • Frequency – Tap on Deliver Summary to specify how frequently you’d like to get the Notification Summary throughout the day. You can select up to 12 times per day as your frequency.
  • Schedule — This option enables you to change the date and time of your planned summary. Tap on the time and select the time period during which you’d like to receive notifications.
  • Adding or removing apps from the Notification Summary — Tap this option to add or remove apps from the Notification Summary.

How to disable the Notification Summary feature in iOS 15

To turn this function off follow below steps

  • Open the Settings app from your home screen.
  • Scroll & Tap Notifications.
  • Now look for Scheduled Summary & Toggle slider to disable.

Limitations in Notification Summary feature in iOS 15

We observed few limitations in Notification Summary feature in iOS 15.

No control over Order of Apps Notification Summary: You have no influence over the order in which your summaries display notifications. Rather than that, Apple claims it will employ on-device intelligence to prioritize alerts in the summary, placing the most critical ones first.

Different Notification Summary configuration for different Apps is missing: So there is no way to notification summary different apps to receive distinct summaries. This is an area where you would be best served by investigating the Focus function for organizing your notifications.


Notification Summary is a valuable feature in iOS 15, especially if you dislike being distracted throughout the day by non-urgent notifications. As you can see, enabling and customizing the feature is quite simple. You have a variety of scheduling options for your notification summary.

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