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How to Change Your Snapchat Username

Do you want to change Your Snapchat Username ? Your username is a critical component of every social media page. That is how people will identify you, form relationships with you, and relate to your brand. What happens, however, if you want to edit or change your Snapchat username?

Simply said, you cannot change your username unless you cancel your existing account and create a new one. Regardless, you may always modify your public username/display name. The two should not be mixed together. This post will teach you how to change your username and customise its colour, fonts, and overall appearance. Let we begin.

How to Change the Display Name on Snapchat on iOS and Android

As previously stated, you create a Snapchat account and enter a username; however, you cannot alter your username until you cancel your account. However, you can alter and change your display name as much as you choose. This activity enables you to produce something instantly recognized in order for other users to identify you. On mobile, here's how to modify your Snapchat display name.

  • Open the Snapchat application.
  • Navigate to "My Profile" and click the wheel symbol for "Settings."
  • To delete, edit, or create a new display name, click on "Name."
  • Once you've typed your new display name, hit "Save," and it will appear on your profile for everyone to see.

Note: However, if they have your contact information saved under your previous name, they will need to change it and save it under your new one.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Changing Your Snapchat Username/Display Name

What are some adorable Snapchat username suggestions?

All Snapchat Display Names should adhere to the Community Guidelines and be relevant to your brand, if you're a company. The standards still apply to ordinary users, but your Display Name should be unique to you. Additionally, you should avoid utilising more than two words, an excessive number of characters, emojis, or advertising slogans. Make certain your proposal is intriguing.

How can you alter the typeface of your name in Snapchat?

Users who wish to modify the typeface used in their Display Name must do so through the use of a third-party keyboard programme. Once you've installed a new keyboard app, navigate to the Display Name settings and enter your new name.

How to modify the display name of a snapchat friend

Additionally, Snapchat allows you to change your friend's display name within your Snapchat account.
The following are the steps.

  • Launch Snapchat. Navigate to the profile menu. Scroll to the bottom and tap "Friends."
  • Tap on the buddy whose name you wish to modify in the list of your friends.
  • Tap your friend's icon above the chatbox.
  • Tap on your friend's display name in their profile.
  • There will be a pop-up menu displayed. To edit, tap the box.
  • After making changes, tap "Save" to confirm.

Their Snapchat display name will be updated. This display name, however, will have no effect on your friend's actual display name, and they will be unaware that you need to modify it.

Is it necessary for you to erase your Snapchat account in order to change your username?

Due to user security, changing your username requires you to delete your existing account and register a new one. When you remove your account, all associated data, Snapstreaks, and Memories are lost. You must create a new account from scratch. To secure their Snaps and account information, the majority of users resolve the username issue by changing their Snapchat Display Name but preserving their old username. If you're still interested in deactivating your Snapchat account, navigate to your profile page and select deactivate. Snapchat flags your account as inactive for 30 days before permanently deleting it.