How to avoid accidental Activation of the Hot Corner in Mac

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In this article we will learn How to avoid accidental Activation of the Hot Corner. The Mac hot corner is a feature that allows you to perform certain actions by merely moving your cursor to a corner on the screen. Hot Corners can be useful, but can also be activated by accident.

It is possible, for example, to accidentally use the top-left corner when accessing system menus, specifically the Apple menu, if it is configured. A harmless action could be assigned to the corner, such as preventing the screensaver from launching.Nonetheless, there is an alternative. So please follow following way to avoid accidental Activation of the Hot Corner

How to avoid accidental Activation of the Hot Corner in Mac (Enhanced Hot Corners)

To access this feature, go to System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver > Screen Saver > Hot Corners. You can also search for hot corners. Your screen saver can be started or disabled, Mission Control opened, the Desktop can be accessed, your Mac can be put to sleep, and more with hot corners.

The hot corner can be set to only activate when a set of modifier keys is pressed, which can be a more decisive approach. Hold Shift, Control, Command, and Option keys while assigning a Hot Corner in the system preferences. The corresponding icon will appear next to the listed action.

To perform any of these actions, hold down the corresponding keys.

While you can assign different modifier requirements to different corners, you can only assign one function to a particular corner at a time, so you cannot set, for example, the Option key to cause one action and the Command key to cause another in the same corner. These requirements only serve to prevent the Hot Corners from inadvertently being activated.

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