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How iPhone Notes can be organized with the tags in iOS 15

In iOS 15, Apple's Notes app is taking yet another step with several new capabilities. Follow on how iPhone Notes can be organized with the tags in iOS 15, searched, created new notes quickly in your tag group, used smart folders, etc.

Over time, the Notes app has steadily gained power and features. MacOS Monterey and iOS 15 bring new features this year such as tags, mentions, and a note activity view.

The speed of any note app tends to be affected by how many notes you have. You won't see any noticeable slowdown even if you add a few things to the app. Despite this, it gets harder to find what you want.

To solve the issue tags are good feature to have. So with tag written in the end of note can come handy in finding the note you were looking for. You can write anything what you think relevant like example personal, official, business or family. Today you may remember why you have written these words. But in future you may forget what you were thinking while writing these words .

You may remember the hash of Twitter and it may appear in the Notes it works similaly. Add a # symbol before a word and you would know it was a tag at the end of a note, that it was not a random word.

The difference now is that Apple Notes has officially adopted the # tag, and it now does things with the words you write when you type # followed by them.

In the past, if you had ever bothered to search for these tags, it was on you to do so. However, now the tags in Notes make it much easier for you to find information.

Using tags to organize iPhone Notes in iOS 15

  • Open the Notes app on your iPhone or iPad (or Mac in macOS Monterey) when running iOS 15
  • Create a new note or edit an existing one
  • Add a new tag by typing a hashtag "#" followed by your text, for example, #iPhone
  • Please add a space after the tag to complete the tag (it will turn yellow).
  • It is possible to place tags anywhere in a note and to use any typeface size
  • Notes allow you to use multiple tags
  • Using your tagged notes, you can select a specific tag category, browse "All Tags," or search for tags.
  • You can switch to Gallery View, choose notes, or reverse the sorting by tapping the three-dot icon in the top right corner.
  • And if you write a new note (bottom right) within a particular tag, it automatically includes the tag
  • There is also an updated Folder button on the main Notes page that offers the option of creating a "New Smart Folder" based on tags.

Remember that notes added from iOS 15/macOS Monterey will only be supported on iOS 14.5 and above, as well as macOS 11.3 and above (same for mentions in shared notes).

Whenever you tag a note, you'll see a warning if some of your devices don't have compatible software.

Features of Tags

Apple's iOS 15 is mostly focused on tagging notes and working with friends and collaborators. They are as follows:

  • Tag Browser: Makes it easy to view tagged notes with a tap of any tag or combination of tags
  • Custom Smart Folders: Groups notes based on tags into one folder
  • Activity View: You can see what others have done while you were away on your shared note by opening the activity view. Activity View shows the changes made since last time you viewed the note, as well as detailed information on every collaborator's activity
  • Highlights: Details of who made changes in a shared note are revealed by swiping right anywhere on the note. Highlighted text in the note is color-coded to match collaborators' edit times
  • Mentions: A mention allows for more social, direct, and contextual collaboration on shared notes or folders. If you want to notify a collaborator of important updates, type an @ sign and their name anywhere in the text.

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