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How does the Nano Memory card work in Huawei phones? How NM Cards work

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In this article we will discuss How does the Nano Memory card work in Huawei phones? How NM Cards work. Huawei launched its own microSD card option in 2019. The Nano Memory card - abbreviated as NM card or occasionally nCard - has the same form and size as a nano SIM and thus may be used in a compatible Huawei device's dual SIM tray.

What is the NM card’s purpose?

Although the NM card is 45 percent smaller than a standard microSD card, it is nonetheless fast, with a maximum read/write speed of 90MB/s.

There are quicker technologies available, such as CFast or XQD, but these are much larger cards intended for specialized devices such as professional cameras, not smartphones or tablets.

What's particularly ingenious about NM is that it can be used in a nano SIM slot, which eliminates the need for additional slots in Huawei handsets, while the company's phones treat it as expandable storage, just like microSD.

How does the Nano Memory card work in Huawei phones? How NM Cards work

What are the benefits of using Nano Memory ?

Because nano Memory cards and microSD cards are essentially identical, consumers will have the same experience with either. However, device manufacturers may perceive a greater gain from Nano Memory.

OEMs that adopt the technology may be able to free up space within handsets for other components. This does not simply imply a smaller version of the (already diminutive) microSD card slot; Nano Memory cards fit in Huawei's dual-Nano SIM trays, eliminating the need for an additional memory slot entirely.

This may seem like a minor advantage, but physical space is a premium in phones, and microSD card support determines the design and location of a smartphone's circuit board. Utilizing the SIM tray for expandable memory may provide manufacturers with more design possibilities for their devices and components.

Having said that, microSD is already quite small, and it has no effect on other physical features of the phone, such as how you hold it or its IP rating. Additionally, we do not know what advantages, if any, Nano Memory provided Huawei in terms of smartphone design.

Manufacturers will be hesitant to accept copyrighted technology from one of their major mobile competitors without a strong inducement.

Which disadvantages does Nano Memory have?

Nano Memory is prohibitively pricey in comparison to a comparable microSD card. Huawei's 128GB Nano Memory card costs roughly 49 euros ($55) on Amazon and eBay at the time of writing. MicroSD cards are typically less than half the price for the same amount of memory and faster read speeds.

Additionally, you have significantly fewer options in terms of storage capacity and write speeds. MicroSD card storage capacities range up to 512GB (and will soon include more expensive 1TB models), and there are various possibilities with read speeds of at least 90MB/s — some exceeding that by more than double.

However, the most significant disadvantage of the Nano Memory card, which we will cover further below, is support. While it's quite easy to find an Android phone that supports microSD cards you've acquired over the years, if you invest in a Nano Memory card, you'll be limited to using it with select Huawei phones.

Additionally, because these cards occupy a SIM tray slot, you'll have to choose between a second SIM card and expanded storage. While this is acceptable if you only use one SIM card, it may provide a problem for those who require two.

How does the Nano Memory card work in Huawei phones? How NM Cards work

What is the maximum capacity of an NM card?

Card sizes start at 64GB and increase to 128GB and 256GB. That is the largest currently available.

Since Huawei launched its first card in 2019, additional manufacturers, including well-known names like Lexar, have commenced production runs. However, there are no differences in read/write speeds.
When will New Mexico cards be available for purchase?

Instantly! The most common size available is 128GB. Amazon offers a variety of bargains.

Which phones accept NM cards?

Currently, it appears as though only Huawei phones are compatible. And only from 2019 onward, unless otherwise stated. That includes the Mate 20 / Mate 20 Pro, the Mate 30 / 30 Pro, the Mate 40 / 40 Pro, and most likely any future Huawei products.

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