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Here’s why Alt+F2 is the best keyboard shortcut for Linux

Are you aware that Linux includes a keyboard shortcut that allows you to quickly access all of your software? You're probably already running it as part of your Linux distribution. Alt+F2 is the best keyboard shortcut for Linux.You can find out what I'm talking about by pressing Alt and F2 simultaneously.

While some people with prior Linux expertise may be familiar with the keyboard shortcuts, someone new to Linux may not be. When you begin to use it, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it.

Why Is This a Unique Shortcut?

Linux users are unable to function without the Alt + F2 keyboard shortcut. Alt + F2 enables you to force-quit any running application, instantly launch any programme, and more.

This keyboard shortcut is enabled by default in the GNOME, KDE, and Xfce desktop environments. Do those words make no sense to you? There is no need to be concerned, as one of these is almost certainly what you use.

Utilization of the Alt + F2 Shortcut

When you hit Alt and F2 on your keyboard, a small window appears. It may appear slightly differently depending on the Linux distro you are using. One thing is certain: begin typing the name of a programme and you will rapidly get results. To use this keyboard shortcut to launch programmes, you must first know their command name, which is usually self-explanatory because the majority of commands are a variation or exact match of their application name. Simply type the program's name, without capitalization in most circumstances.

A convenient auto-complete tool will provide you with a list of apps that begin with the letters you've already input. This can speed up the execution of specific commands; for example, entering Firefox will bring up all installed versions of the Firefox browser.

You can use this method to launch any programme; all you need is the command for that programme. Along with opening programmes, you may conduct mathematical computations, instal software from the Software Center, and search for files and directories on your computer, depending on the Linux distribution you're using.

For a while, use this shortcut to launch programmes and you'll quickly notice how much faster it is than manually locating and running the programme from the Applications Menu. Apart from opening programmes, this shortcut can be used for a variety of other purposes.

Some Awesome Commands to Experiment With

Yes, you can do a little more with Alt + F2. For instance, if you wish to terminate a particular programme, type xkill. This command creates a cursor that you may use to force-quit any programme just by clicking on it, which is ideal when a piece of software becomes unresponsive.

You might also use the killall command. Hit Enter after typing killall followed by the name of the programme you wish to terminate. For instance, to terminate the Dolphin file browser, run killall dolphin, and the system will terminate the programme forcibly.

Final Thoughts

Start using this Shortcut you will love it & I hope MacOS will think to include such shortcut in their distribution. Windows already have this functionality in cortana in taskbar.

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