Here’s how you can become a Discord Moderator

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In this article I will tell you how you can become a Discord Moderator. Discord announced the Certified Discord Moderator Badge on May 29, 2021. The badge was created to honour Discord community moderators.Discord wishes to appreciate the work of moderators who have contributed to the greatness of communities. The badge is given to moderators who follow Discord’s rules and guidelines.

If you believe you are doing an excellent job moderating your server, you are eligible to earn the Discord Moderator Badge. Being a Certified Discord Moderator, on the other hand, is not easy. You must first be evaluated on the basis of your abilities.

We will teach you how you can become a Discord Moderator

Here’s how you can become a Discord Moderator

To get a badge as a Discord moderator, you must first complete the Discord Moderator Academy. Following that, take the Discord Moderator Academy Exam and await communication from Discord.

Discord will issue you an invitation to join the Discord Moderator Community if you pass the exam. The greatest Discord moderators will share their experience and provide support within the community.

Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with the Trust & Safety Team and Engineers via Discord.

To earn the moderator badge, you must be a member of the Discord Moderator Community for a minimum of three months. Then you will be qualified to receive it (but not guaranteed).

How to obtain a Discord moderator badge is as follows:

  • Take a look at the articles on the Discord Moderator Academy’s website.
  • Take the Exam for the Discord Moderator Academy
  1. Read the articles on the Discord Moderator Academy’s page on Discord Moderator Academy.

To begin, you should read the Discord Moderator Academy articles. This is because you will eventually be expected to sit for an exam based on the articles on the Discord Moderator Academy.

  • You can access the website via the following link.
  • Once on the website, you’ll be met with an overview of Discord moderating.
  • The description discusses the value of moderators and the Discord Moderator Academy’s operation.
  • Continue scrolling down till you find the curriculum.
  • Academy of Discord Moderators

The Discord Moderator Academy provides a variety of articles on community management and moderation.

how you can become a Discord Moderator

The curriculum’s first section is titled “Basics.” The “Basics” section will teach you how to create and moderate a community.

After reading the articles in the “Basics” section, go to “Setup and Function.” This section will teach you how to manage your moderating processes and team using Discord’s capabilities.

Additionally, you’ll learn how to create a community through channels and events. “Advanced Community Management” is the third section. It tells you how to manage a community and how to make sound judgments.

The “Moderation Seminars” component of the Discord Moderator Academy is the final section. This section discusses the idea and strategy of moderation.

  1. Take the Exam for the Discord Moderator Academy

Take the Discord Moderator Academy Exam at the following link.

how you can become a Discord Moderator
Discord Moderator Academy Exam

You can take the Discord Moderator Academy Exam once you’ve studied the Discord Moderator Academy. Each article on the Discord Moderator Academy includes a link to the Discord Moderator Academy Exam.

Additionally, you can take the exam via this link.

The exam consists of a series of questions that assess your knowledge of the resources available through the Discord Moderator Academy.

So, you should read the Discord Moderator Academy prior to taking the exam. Additionally, the exam assesses your ability to moderate. The exam should take no more than an hour of your time. However, the exam has no time limit, so you may take your time completing it.

To begin the examination, click the “Next” button.

how you can become a Discord Moderator

Submit your contact information

You are required to submit your contact information in the first section of the exam.

To begin, enter your Discord username and the associated hashtag (e.g. vijay#2121). Following that, you must enter your user ID.

After that, fill the remainder of the form and click “Next.”

Exam for the Discord Moderator Academy

Following the section in which you submit your contact information, you must complete a multiple-choice section. Select the response that best suits the question from the multiple-choice area.

Your responses should be based on what you learned at the Discord Moderator Academy. As a result, if you’re unsure about an answer, you can seek assistance from the Discord Moderator Academy. The questions will assess your ability to moderate on Discord.

There are twenty MCQs in the multiple-choice portion.

To qualify for the Discord Moderator Badge, you must correctly answer at least ten of the questions.

Once you’ve completed the examination, go to the bottom of the page and click “Next.” Bear in mind that once you click “Next,” you will not be able to edit your answers.

As a result, ensure that you are satisfied with your responses before proceeding.

After passing the exam, you’ll get a success message that reads “Exam Successful!” The notice adds that if you pass the exam, Discord will provide you with a link to the Discord Moderation Discord.

If you do not pass the exam the first time, you may retake it following the next wave of Discord Moderator Articles. The Moderation of Discord Discord is a community of moderators that collaborate and help one another.

You’ll have opportunities to provide feedback to the Discord team within the community. To be eligible for the Discord moderator badge, you must have been an active member for at least three months.

You’ll then have a good probability of earning it. You’ve mastered the art of obtaining a Discord moderator badge!

Final Thoughts

At the moment, there are no formal qualifications for obtaining the Discord moderator badge. Even if you pass the Discord Moderator Academy Exam, there is no assurance that you will be hired. Having said that, being a Discord member Moderator Discord advances you closer to obtaining the badge.

Take an active role in conversations and contribute your experience as a moderator (s).

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