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Here’s how to add a Follow Button to Chrome for RSS Feeds

In this article we will learn how to add a Follow Button to Chrome for RSS Feeds. Chrome has been the most popular desktop and mobile web browser for a long time now. While Google has enjoyed the stranglehold on the market for several years, with new and improved alternatives like Microsoft Edge and the courageous browser, all that now seems to change.

Thus, programmers at Google work 24 hours a day to deliver new and improved Chrome features for mobile phones and the latest addition would seem to be the 'Follow' button for your favourite RSS feeds. This is a quite handy update to Chrome and is anticipated by people who read a lot of blogs every day. Here's how to add a Follow Button to Chrome for RSS Feeds.

What is Chrome's 'Follow' button?

Chrome adds a new 'Follow' button to appear in the menu area. The button below allows you to follow RSS feeds of your favourite blogs to remain up to speed with the newest news and events worldwide. The "Follow" button was initially featured in a Google Chrome Canary build some months ago, and has now been integrated to the Chrome beta channel. The following button lets you track all your favourite blogs. After that, all the latest postings from your blog articles will be displayed in Chrome and you may catch up on the current news much simpler.

How to activate the 'Follow' button

It's easy to enable the Chrome Follow button with Chrome flags. Just make sure you use Chrome beta version 92 or above. Use the following guide to get you started.

  • Android Chrome beta | v92.0.4515.59 or later
  • Get it: Store Plays (Or, download an APK)
  • Android 8.0 device or higher

Note: The web feed (follow button) capability is not available to iOS users at this point, even when they elect to release Chrome beta.

  • Open Chrome on your mobile device. In the address bar enter "chrome://flags/#web-feed"
  • You will now have the 'Web Feed' option at the bottom. This is the option to activate the new button to follow.
  • Tap the menu and select 'Enabled.'
  • Once activated, a follow-up button should be displayed for all eligible blogs with an RSS feed.

You should now be much easier to follow all your favorite Chrome blogs.

Where’s the blogs I’m following?

The blogs that you follow are available on your homepage under the 'Subscribe' option. Just open up Chrome on your mobile device and tap 'Follow' next to the 'For You' blog posts area. All the latest blog posts from all your blogs in this section are available now.

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