Here are a few things to know about Voilá AI Artist a new selfie app that is going viral

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Within a year of living online, the line between reality and digital life blurred. And the newest viral app, Voilá AI Artist, didn’t help transform all of your friends and family into Pixar characters, Renaissance paintings, and 2D cartoons.

What does Voilá do

With Voila, you can create cartoon-like characters from your photos by taking a picture of your face and using artificial intelligence. Aside from 3D cartoon (e.g. Pixar or Disney style), Renaissance painting, 2D cartoon (or Disney still) and comics.

That’s it!Unlike similar apps, Voilá application doesn’t have many advanced editing features. After applying the filter, you can pick from three different variations, such as 15th, 18th, or 20th century options-but you can’t alter your facial features or change the color or contrast.

Your phone’s camera will let you take a new photo or you can choose one you’ve already taken to upload. Using the app, you can even find celebrity images, so you can see Tommy Wiseau as a Disney princess.

Voilá has become very popular in the past few weeks. The app has been installed nearly 8 million times in June, the latest figures from Sensor Tower, an analytics company. Although Sensor Tower states that approximately 2.3 million installations come from the U.S., more than half of the installations were from Brazil.

Here are a few things to know about Voilá AI Artist a new selfie app that is going viral
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Is there a charge (and what is it for)

Voilá’s many monetization methods are sure to catch your attention as soon as you begin using it. First, every time you upload an image, you can almost see an ad full-screen. Subscribing to the app will remove ads. Yes, it’s a subscription, not a purchase. A single purchase of the app is not possible.

Voila Pro subscribers will not only get rid of advertisements, but will also have the app run in “turbo mode” -I am not aware of the speed of the app; during my testing, it took longer than the actual image processing to remove the watermark.

Voilá Pro costs US $ 2 per week on Android and US $ 3 per week on iOS (yes, the iOS version is more expensive). A full year’s subscription for Android users costs $21, while a full year’s subscription for iOS users costs $30. You should be aware that on these two platforms you can pay for a year on a weekly basis, which can exceed $100. So, you should not pay for the professional version on a weekly basis if you intend to use it for a long time.

It provides the features it promises-if you want your own cartoon images, you will get them-but so do many similar apps. You may not be required to subscribe to Voilá for one year (or never heard of it), so please make sure you don’t sign up for regular payments, which will quietly drain your energy account. ToonMe did something similar on the Internet just a few months ago.

Voilá App Privacy

A paid subscription to viral apps can be cancelled (or, better yet, not subscribed at all). Compared to many other similar apps, Voilá requires permission to transfer and store your images. If you want to use the app, this is necessary. The company said it would be deleted after 24 to 48 hours, but there is no way of knowing whether this actually occurred. Voila may use the images you upload in its marketing and advertising campaigns without notifying you or paying you as per their Terms and COnditions

In addition to targeted advertising, the app also uses your data for this purpose. Furthermore, it is important to understand how viral applications are being used to gather computer-generated data. For example, Facebook initially offered users money to answer some questions, which collected more information than disclosed about their friends and family. even Collect data through a dedicated face-search app common.

How to download

If you are curious and want to download Voilá App you can download from Play Store & App Store for Android and iPhone respectively. Link are provided below

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