HBO Max offers a six-month ad-free plan for 50 percent off

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Good news HBO Max offers 50 percent off a six-month ad-free plan. HBO Max has launched an attractive deal that allows you to pay half the ad-free subscription level, to only $7,49 per month. This rate, even lower than the ad sponsored plan, is good for up to six months, after which you will be reversed to $14.99 as standard.

You must act relatively quickly in order to take advantage of the offer: it is available until 26 September.
WarnerMedia promotes the deal for people who once subscribed to HBO via the Prime Video Channels of Amazon. You can no longer subscribe to HBO via Amazon by 15 September. This is therefore a sweetener to bring these customers to an independent HBO Max subscription.

But it’s also available to virtually everybody else — except active subscribers. WarnerMedia says that “new and returning HBO Max subscribers” can pay for up to six months the discounted monthly rate. With Apple, Roku, Google, LG, Microsoft, Sony or Vizio devices you can log on to or activate your subscription via the HBO Max app.

HBO Max also offered free episodes to non-subscribers in recent weeks. Earlier this month, WarnerMedia announced its launch on 26 October in parts of Europe (starting with Spain and the Nordics).

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