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Google’s ‘Heads Up’ Feature To Warn Users Against Using Their Phones When Walking

According to XDA Developers, the Android's Digital Wellbeing framework would have a Heads Up function that will alert pedestrians not to glance at their smartphones.
One Twitter user seems to have downloaded the extension for their Pixel 4A, which seems to be the case according to the Digital Wellbeing review, indicating that the rollout has been completed.

Heads Up urges you to pay special care: "When you're walking and paying attention, you'll be alerted when anything of interest is nearby."
According to the 9to5 Google, it is to advise user to keep alert, which I believe is critical, and to monitor your behaviour, since it seems to be how it can be brought down.

Washington Post quoted "Distractions, drinking and darkness contribute to 30-year high in pedestrian deaths". Mobiles are main source of distraction for pedestrian as more and more people stay on mobile while on road. To stay in touch with their friends and families.

Google's 'Heads Up' Feature
Source Twitter
Google's 'Heads Up' Feature
Source Twitter
Google's 'Heads Up' Feature
Source Twitter

 Above tweets got mixed reply from users over twitter. Some of users stated they want their device to do task over their commands not the other way round. So need to see how user perceive this change. Whether they will like this new Google's 'Heads Up' Feature.

Google Digital Wellbeing

Digital wellness is a trend dedicated to limiting our time spent on mobile devices, the internet, and technology. This requires understanding the possible damage caused by an excessive focus on screens. Digital wellness techniques are intended to assist us in regaining control of our mobile use and in establishing useful limits that provide for room and downtime.

The Digital Wellbeing tools offer you a snapshot of how much you use your phone, as well as their overall statistics, like an estimate of how much time you spend on various applications.
With these tools, you can restrict time in the use of applications, and switch them off when it is necessary, such as before bed time with Bedtime mode.

Google's 'Heads Up' Features reported

Google's Digital Wellbeing app will prompt users for approval to view their smartphone's position and physical activity data; if "enabled," the function will be triggered automatically until the smartphone consumer steps outside. It will then follow the user's movement in order to prevent traffic collisions and maintain the user's protection. This is an extra function. Thus far, the Pixel phones have reported at least seven instant messages advising the consumer to put the phone away and concentrate on the lane. This involve the following:

  • Be careful
  • Look ahead
  • Stay focused
  • Lookup
  • Stay alert
  • Watch out
  • Watch your step

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