Google Working on the Pixel 6 Pro Display Flickering Issue

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Google is working to find a solution to the flickering issue that has been reported with the Pixel 6 Pro’s display. As the number of Pixel 6 Pro owners continues to grow, some have reported that the phone’s screen flickers when it is turned off. A patch will be available in Google’s next version to address the issue, which they have identified as a problem.

While the device is turned off, some Pixel 6 Pro users, but not all, have reported seeing light streaks move up and down the 6.7-inch screen when they partially hold down the power button.

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According to a blog post from Google, the search giant received reports of Pixel 6 Pro display residual light on Sunday. According to the company:

When the Pixel 6 Pro is turned off or when the power button is lightly pressed but not hard enough to turn it on, users may experience brief, transient display abnormalities.

“This does not appear to be a hardware issue with the phone,” according to the Pixel team, and will be resolved in the “December software update for Pixel 6 Pro.” With that release, Google’s “Internet” Quick Settings panel is also being tweaked, which appears to be the primary issue fix given that the flagship devices already have the November security patch. Later today, Google will begin rolling out the security patch to all Pixel phones running Android 12.

There is still a waiting period until Google is able to resolve the situation. According to Google, this is not a major issue and does not indicate the presence of a larger problem.

If you don’t want to see this while the power is off, don’t cycle the power button. To turn on your phone, press and hold the power button for a few seconds until the phone turns on automatically.