Google TV’s new “Ambient Mode” screensaver is now being rolled out to users

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Google announced new glanceable cards for Google TV’s ambient mode last year. These cards display more material and important information while your TV is in the best condition. The new cards were slated to be distributed to the general public in December of last year, but only a few people were able to enjoy the new screensaver experience because it was never made widely available. Finally, the feature is making its way to more and more users.

The new screensaver for Google TV shows “personal proactive results” in a more subtle way than the original design. Instead of using huge cards that take up the whole screen, the new design uses smaller cards at the bottom of the screen. This allows for more cards and information to be displayed on the screen while still being able to see the background.

The cards that appear on your screen when Ambient Mode is enabled show you information like the current weather, a Spotify playlist, a YouTube video, a shortcut to Google Podcasts, and a random inquiry from Google Assistant. These cards are designed to be unique based on your activity and usage patterns. If you don’t want to see these results in Ambient Mode, you can disable the display of them in Google Assistant’s settings page.

Credits 9to5google

Google TV customers will soon be able to customize their screensavers with a new Ambient Mode experience. However, this feature is not yet widely available, according to 9to5Google. It is also not possible to force-enable the functionality because it is probably being rolled out gradually by some server-side switch.,1024
Credits 9to5google

Although Google TV multi-user accounts were revealed at the same time as the new ambient mode, we still do not know much about them. Google announced back in December that the feature would be postponed and would come “in the coming months,” but it has not been seen since.