Google Photos: Use cases of Locked Folder recently launched feature.

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Google Photos is one of the best online services for people who are constantly snapping photos and videos with their smartphones. Lets see some Use cases of Locked Folder recently launched feature.

It combines cloud-based storage with AI-powered image and video organization. It is a must-have for mobile photographers with these features.

Google Photos now includes a new feature that enables you to hide specific images from your photo feed and other apps. The feature, dubbed Locked Folder, will encrypt any sensitive images you would rather not share.

Use cases of Secured photos

There are tons of use cases below are one of the common ones.

  • You hand over your phone to somebody abut do not want them to see your personal moments. SO you will have peace of mind that they will not be able to see your secured folder.
  • Hiding some pics from your children as they may not be appropriate for them to see.
  • If you save passwords by clicking pictures.( It is not recommended approach but people do it all the time)
  • If you lose your phone you should be rest assured that your personal pictures are not compromised.
  • You may have taken a photograph of something you want to give to someone else for the holidays, birthdays, or any other special gift-giving occasion.
  • And if you are socializing with that person, you do not want them to discover their present on your phone when it was supposed to be a surprise!
    Hiding photographs is a cunning move for ensuring that surprise presents remain a actual surprise.
  • You have a not-so-secret selfie stash that you would prefer not to share with the world. We are not anti-selfie, but if you enjoy taking selfies but are hesitant to store them in an easily accessible location on your phone, the “Locked Folder” may be a good option.

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