Google Nest Hubs Will Soon Be Able to Make Restaurant Reservations for You

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Duplex, a feature of Google Assistant that is now available only on Android phones, is coming to the Nest Hub. Duplex enables your Assistant to make restaurant reservations on your behalf, saving you the time and effort of dialing.

Duplex is coming to the Nest Hub, the Google Nest Team stated on a support website. Duplex was one of the most significant AI products launched in 2018, despite the fact that the service is used by a small number of individuals. It is powered by a “natural” conversational AI that makes reservations for you at restaurants, salons, and movie theatres.

Google Nest Hubs Will Soon Be Able to Make Restaurant Reservations for You
Image Credits: Google

However, it appears that Nest Hub will handle restaurant reservations only once it acquires Duplex. The support document notes that the functionality is only available to “supported” restaurants, as businesses may opt out of Duplex at their discretion.

How effectively will Duplex serve you? It’s difficult to say. Duplex’s caller ID only states “Google,” which may not sound urgent to restaurant employees during a lunch rush. Not to add that the Duplex conversational AI sounds robotic (even with the “natural” speech features), which may cause some businesses to hang up rather than take a reservation.

Google has not stated when Duplex will be available on the Nest Hub. However, once it does, you may use voice commands to make restaurant reservations. Additionally, you can click the “book a table” button while seeing the information for a restaurant on your Nest Hub.

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