Google Authenticator for iOS now requires Face/Touch ID prior to showing 2FA codes

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Google’s 2FA app received a significant iOS update towards the end of last year, bringing a makeover and dark look, as well as mass account transfers. Google Authenticator may now verify your identity using Face or Touch ID before revealing your codes.

Google’s “Privacy Screen” is now included in Authenticator 3.2.0. As with Drive and Fi, you must authenticate via fingerprint or face before the list of 2FA codes is displayed. You can configure whether “Require Authentication” occurs instantly, after ten seconds, one minute, or ten minutes in the settings, via the overflow menu. Previously, exporting accounts from Google Authenticator required only the use of Face or Touch ID.

Meanwhile, Google increased the number of accounts that can be transferred per QR-code production to more than ten. This should be a huge time saver for people who have a large number of internet accounts.

With regards to managing a large number of credentials, Google Authenticator now includes a simple search bar at the top of the screen. This capability is missing from the Android client, despite the fact that bulk transfer should already be available.

The complete App Store release notes are shown below. Monterey is available for iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS 15. Monterey includes an integrated two-factor code generator and autofill.

  • Ability to move multiple accounts to a separate device was added.
  • Ability to search for accounts has been added.
  • Ability to activate the Privacy Screen has been added.

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