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Logitech’s wireless gaming headsets previously cost more than $100, but the newest model offers a more reasonable price without losing too much in terms of comfort or capabilities. Logitech’s G435 Lightspeed (which is available in three colorways and costs $80) offers wireless connectivity to a PC or PlayStation console (through USB) and mobile devices (via Bluetooth), with a latency in the milliseconds. The headset is available for pre-order on Logitech’s website, with a launch scheduled for September 2021.

It features vibrant colours, ventilated mesh, and plastic on both sides. Differences are both aesthetic and practical. The G435 Lightspeed was intended for a younger generation, as Logitech claims, because it is made for smaller heads. Though it is large enough to accommodate my enormous head effortlessly. You can make the ear cups longer or shorter depending on whether you have a big or tiny head.

There are buttons on the left ear cup, and they’re all on the left side. At the top, there’s the power button, while the volume buttons sit at the bottom of the phone. Choosing between 2.4GHz or Bluetooth for your wireless option.

Logitech G435
Image Credits: Logitech

Apart from the boom microphone, the G435 Lightspeed appears similar to other gaming headsets on the market. But there’s no doubt it doesn’t have a microphone. Instead of having a mic positioned immediately in front of your lips, like other gaming headsets, Logitech’s headset uses two beam forming microphones incorporated into the left earcup to produce similar results. It picked up my speech well and cut out background noise like my window AC during my week of testing.

This weighs 165 gm, making it the lightest gaming headset I’ve ever used. Logitech excelled in two issues related to fit: keeping the headset weightless and ear clamping to a minimum. They didn’t make the headband bulky, like many others are prone to doing, but instead the design has minimal padding around the headband and it is just covered in breathable cloth. Despite that, the G435 has a luxurious, cushiony fit.

For the G435, this particular blue and pink colour scheme is the most bold option.

Logitech G435
Image Credits: Logitech

At $80, it’s logical to wonder if the G435’s build materials are good. In addition, it feels well made, yet it is on the delicate side. In all honesty, I was pretty impressed with the sound quality Logitech has put into the G433, especially given the price range. As a result, my concerns regarding build quality didn’t even matter to me anymore.

This device charges through USB-C and claims to run for up to 18 hours per charge. It also includes some additional features. To swap between Bluetooth and USB, the G435 requires you to press and hold the mute button in order to toggle between sources.

Finding affordable wireless gaming headsets that are actually worth buying is a lot easier now than it used to be. For gamer on a budget, the $80 Cinder microphone offers the competitive edge without burning through cash.

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