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Fixing: Google Voice Search is not supported on your device

In this we will learn Fixing: Google Voice Search is not supported on your device error. Despite advances in technology and software, human voice will always be the most effective communication tool. It was not until Siri debuted on the iPhone 4s that voice recognition technology garnered traction with consumers.

When Google released its Android version of Google Now in 2012, the company entered the fray. Currently in 2021 you can search with Google voice by saying 'OK Google'. Numerous searches have been conducted using this feature. Google Voice Search is useful for desktop and mobile searches alike. When people ask Google to analyze their words, they often say "OK, Google," to wake it up.

The most powerful search engine around the globe has been surpassed by having been developed and organized by Google. Google Voice Search analyzes what users say and immediately searches for what you said.

In our observation, Google voice search is so popular and friendly that this feature is included in the Google search bar, in What's App in your keyboard, and in numerous other applications. It is possible for this feature to contain bugs. There may be an error when tapping the Google voice button: "Google Voice search is not supported on your device". You may not be able to use this service if you encounter such an error. However, this error can be resolved by following these steps:

Fixing “Google Voice Search is not supported on your device”

1. Check your phone’s settings

  • Install Gboard from Google Play if it isn't already installed on your phone.
  • Click on the setting icon to access your phone's settings.
  • Select the option of System.
  • The options now include Languages and Input, Regions, and more.
  • In the manage keyboard section, click the Gboard and Google voice typing options.
  • You will be able to see Google voice search on your keyboard after enabling this option.

If you encounter that error again, simply go to Languages and Input, click on Current Keyboard, and then click on Google Keyboard from your current keyboard.

2. Verify Internet connectivity

You will probably only be able to use Google voice search if you have an internet connection. Please check your internet connection first if it does not work even with the above method.

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