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How to Fix Discord Not Working Issues

In this article we will be discussing Fix Discord Not Working Issues. Are you experiencing difficulties sending messages or logging into your Discord account? Is your microphone not working properly or are you having difficulty connecting to a server?

Discord has undergone numerous modifications since its inception in 2015. New features and bug fixes are included in the updates. However, the program still contains flaws, malfunctions, and error messages.

This article will explain why Discord is not working on your PC, Windows, or Mac, as well as how to resolve typical error errors.

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Why is Discord not functioning properly?

Discord is unavailable because it is either down or your connection is rate limited. Additionally, it could be triggered by an app issue or problem.

Credits: Twitter/Discord

If Discord is unavailable, you must wait until it becomes available again.

You may encounter a few common error messages.

This includes the "RTC Connecting" and "Rate Limited" messages, as well as the JavaScript problem. The Discord app displays the "RTC Connecting" and "Rate Limited" problems.

On the other hand, the JavaScript error indicates a problem with Discord's installation.

How to Fix Discord Not Working Issues

To resolve Discord not working, you must first determine whether Discord is unavailable.

If Discord is unavailable, you must wait until Discord resolves the issue.

If Discord is not unavailable, you can attempt to reset your voice settings (if you are experiencing a connectivity difficulty).

Additionally, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling Discord (if you're having installation issues). Uninstalling and reinstalling Discord in the proper manner can resolve a variety of app-related difficulties.

For instance, if you encounter a JavaScript error, simply uninstalling and reinstalling Discord would resolve the issue. Bear in mind that if you do an activity too frequently, Discord may temporarily block your IP address.

If all else fails, you can submit a support request via this link.

Here are four options for resolving the Discord not working issue.

The first step is to determine whether Discord is unavailable. If you're unable to send or receive messages, Discord is most likely unavailable.

There are a few ways to determine if Discord is unavailable.You can access the Discord status website via Twitter or the Discord status website via the Discord status website.

On Twitter, you can search for "Discord down" to see if the service is unavailable. After searching for "Discord down," see whether there are a large number of recent tweets containing the phrase. If there are, it is highly likely that Discord is unavailable.

Additionally, you can visit Discord's Twitter profile and view their most recent tweets. If Discord is unavailable globally, they will typically notify users via a tweet.

The final and most reliable method of determining whether Discord is unavailable is to visit the Discord status website. Discord's uptime for the last 90 days is displayed on the website.

How to Fix Discord Not Working Issues
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Allow it to pass

If you receive a "Rate Limited" error, this indicates that your IP address has been blocked temporarily. If this is the case, you must wait between 15 and 60 minutes for the block to be lifted.

A rate limit occurs when an action is repeated an excessive number of times. For instance, if you regularly fail to log in, your rate will be capped. A rate restriction can also occur if you transmit an excessive number of messages in a single session.


Discord implemented this feature to protect against distributed denial of service (DDOS) assaults. If your rate limited, you must wait until it expires.

Alternatively, you can attempt to use Discord in an incognito browser or through the use of a VPN. Your IP address will be hidden and the block will be lifted as a result.

Restore your voice’s default settings

Occasionally, you may experience difficulties connecting to a voice chat or a Discord server. The "RTC Connecting" error is a frequently encountered error.

The error will remain stuck on "Connecting," preventing you from connecting. Even after removing and reinstalling Discord, the problem message may persist. Resetting your voice settings is an easy fix.

Here’s how to reset your speech settings in Discord’s desktop client:

  • Open Discord's desktop client and sign in with your Discord username and password.
  • Select the gear icon to the right of your profile photo.
  • Select "Voice & Video" from the "App Settings" menu.
  • At the bottom of the page, click "Reset Voice Settings."
  • To confirm that you wish to reset your voice settings, click "Okay."

Reconnect to the voice chat after resetting your voice settings. This time, the "RTC Connecting" problem should not occur.

Discord should be uninstalled and reinstalled.

Errors throughout the Discord installation process are extremely prevalent. There are two often occurring installation errors. This encompasses both the JavaScript and "Installation has failed" errors.

You can resolve these issues by uninstalling and reinstalling Discord. However, you must do so properly. Otherwise, Discord will not be entirely uninstalled.

How to uninstall and reinstall Discord is as follows:

  • Discord should be terminated via the Task Manager.
  • Delete Discord from the %localappdata% directory.
  • Delete Discord from the appdata% directory.
  • Reinstall Discord via the website.

Discord can also be uninstalled and reinstalled to resolve issues and glitches. This is because Discord's version will be updated and its cache will be deleted.


There are numerous ways to obtain assistance on Discord. To begin, visit the Discord Help Center.

The Discord Help Center is divided into various categories. Simply click to the category in which you require assistance and check to see if there is an article that addresses your concern.

Additionally, you can seek assistance in the Discord topic by posting a new post and labeling it "Other." If all else fails, you can contact Discord Support Page. You may submit a request if you come across a bug, a translation error, or any other issue. You can also post message on twitter tagging Discord.