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How to find if Someone is Stalking You On Instagram

Are you afraid if someone is stalking you on Instagram? We will discuss how you can identify if someone is stalking on instagram. As a social media platform, Instagram has a huge user base. Sharing photos and videos on Instagram is a fun way to connect with friends and family. Although Instagram is fantastic, a lot of people are concerned about their privacy when using it.

Feeling spied on on Instagram? Here's what you can do. Feel like someone is stalking you on the instagram because they secretly like you? A person who is overly interested in what you post on social media can be detected.

There are two types of people on Instagram:

  • Those who are actively interacting
  • Second one are those who are passive observers.

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What is Stalking?

Social media, as the name suggests, is for social purposes only, not business purposes. People taking an interest in you is the price of doing business online if you're visible to them. As a result, there's a distinction to be made between being interested in you and stalking. Stalking is the latter.

Stalking is when someone enjoys watching your every move but never says anything about it. That's a stalker! Even so, it's fair that you'd be curious about who's looking at your profile and what you've posted.

Only a few methods exist to determine if someone is continuously looking at your Instagram profile. If you want to know what's going on, who is looking at your profile or when someone views it, you have to ask the network. As a result, you're limited to using only Instagram Stories to see who has viewed your content.

find if Someone is Stalking You On Instagram

Only way to find if Someone is Stalking You On Instagram is through Instagram Stories

Similarl to Snapchat Stories, Instagram Stories work virtually exactly the same manner as Snapchat Stories. Post as a Story and it's public for 24 hours before it vanishes. Create a post as a regular blog post.

A person's story can be seen by selecting their profile on the app and vice versa. You can see who has viewed your Instagram Stories just like Snapchat.

It's possible to tell who's seen one of your Instagram Stories by swiping up on it. You will be able to see the usernames of everyone who has looked at your story. The order in which names appear appears to indicate how often they have viewed the video has not been confirmed, but some people believe this to be true. However, the social media platform has never confirmed this theory.

People who have seen it the most are listed in alphabetical order at the very top of the page. Since Instagram won't confirm if this is true or not, it's merely a theory right now, but online anecdotes indicate that it's possible. You can find your stalker in this list.

There is no other method to see who is stalking you instagram is through Instagram Stories. You can see how many people saw your posts in the Instagram analytics, but you won't know who they are.

How to get rid of Instagram stalker.

If you want to get rid of instagram stalker then you have only one option available at you disposal. The option to make your Instagram Story private when you post it. A list of "Close Friends" alerts the user to the fact that you are only sharing it with a select group of people.

If you suspect someone is watching your content, create a Story and keep it hidden from everyone else on your list. Follow below steps:

  • Go to the Story Setting
  • Choose 'Hide Story From' before submitting your Story.
  • Do not pick anyone except the person who piques your curiosity. You can keep them in the dark about who else can see their Story by doing this.

If you're using Instagram Analytics, you'll be able to see not only that they viewed it, but you'll also be able to observe the view count rise over time. This individual has access to the Story, so if they keep watching it, you'll know for sure it was them.

Unfortunately, this is the only method to tell if someone is actively seeking out your content to view it repeatedly. There is no way to see who saw your video if you don't have Instagram Analytics set up on your account.

You may also check if Someone is Stalking You On Instagram

There's no other way to see what's going on on the app besides seeing how many people have viewed your Instagram Story. In comparison to Instagram, Snapchat provides a great deal more insight into who is doing what.

3rd Party Apps check if someone is stalking you on Instagram

There are numerous third-party software, browser extensions, and websites that claim to be able to tell you who is looking at your profile. Many of them don't work, and the ones that do demand access to your personal information in order to be useful.

Users should be aware of the dangers of accessing a service like this, even if it contains some valid material. Before committing to anything, read the user reviews and conduct some homework on the developer.

What to do in this Case stalking on social media platforms like Instagram

If you believe you are being stalked on Instagram, there isn't much you can do. Unless they threaten you or cause you significant distress, they are not breaking the law.. This is the price we pay for using social media these days, it seems. The information you share online is out there for anyone to use however they see fit.

The individual who is stalking you on Instagram may be able to be stopped if you adjust some privacy settings on the social networking site, Instagram.

  • Tap profile pictures located in the lower right corner of your Instagram profile page.
  • Tap 3 lines on Top right top corner.
  • Tap settings in the menu
  • Tap on the Privacy button.
  • Toggle Private Account on under Account Privacy.
  • Private Account is the default setting.

Only those who follow you have access to your Private Account. A follower request will be sent to your inbox, and you will have the option of accepting or rejecting it at your own choice. By allowing you to choose who can view your profile and posts, this Instagram setting significantly reduces your visibility..

Another option is to disable your activity tracking:

Take a look at the privacy settings on Instagram by clicking on Settings then Privacy
Make a choice about Show Activity Status and toggle it to no.

This will prevent anyone from seeing what you're up to on Instagram, but it will also prevent you from seeing what other people are up to. In other words, the relationship is two-way.

  • Remove the person who is stalking you from your list of followers if you know who they are..
  • Instagram lets you choose your own profile picture.
  • Toggle between Followers and Subscribers in the navigation bar.
  • Then click the Remove Follower link next to the person you want to unfollow.

For as long as this individual isn't a follower, you can keep your account private if you've chosen to do so. They'll still be able to view your comments and likes on other people's posts, but nothing you publish on your own profile will be visible to them.

The interaction factor on social media is reduced when you use a private Instagram account, but you also gain some privacy protection. You could try making your account private for a month or two, then reopening it to the public. You can bet they'd get bored and move on by then, whoever they were that was pursuing you.

Frequently asked questions

If you'd want additional information regarding Instagram privacy, you can find it in the following resources:

When someone threatens me on Instagram, what can I do to protect myself?

If you've been threatened in a remark or a direct message, the first thing you should do is capture a screenshot. The majority of social media experts advise against responding to someone who is being unfriendly on social media, but taking a screenshot of the post with their username will help you move on.

  • Visit the Instagram support page (here is where taking screenshots comes in handy) or click the three-dot menu on their profile to make a complaint with Instagram.
  • Contacting local police enforcement may be a smart idea if the threat is severe enough or you believe it is true..

Is it a sign that someone has viewed my profile a lot if they’re at the top of my news feed?

According to one idea, Instagram's algorithm prioritises posts from those who connect with you the most. Even if it seems sense, Instagram hasn't confirmed it.

Similar algorithms may be used by the Facebook-owned company on the Instagram platform to deliver you stories and posts that you are likely to be interested in. That said, it's possible that folks at the top are also looking at your profile regularly, and vice versa.


For people who care about their online privacy, Instagram isn't the greatest app. There is no clearway way to find if Someone is Stalking You On Instagram right now, according to the current state of the app. Use Instagram with caution, just as you would on any other social networking site.