Felix, Motorola’s rumoured first rollable phone, is currently under development

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In 2022, Motorola launched the Razr, a foldable smartphone. Next came the Razr 5G, which had better cameras and more powerful internals. Motorola, which is now owned by Lenovo, is already hard at work on the next generation of its Razr smartphone, but the company is also exploring the possibility of rolling up the device in the future.

Motorola’s first rollable phone, internally referred to as Felix, is being developed by Evan Blass, according to 91Mobiles. Although OPPO and TCL have already shown off their first concept phones, Motorola appears to have a distinct idea for rollable phones. As with the OPPO X 2021, the TCL Fold n’ Roll has an expandable display that can be rolled up and used as a huge tablet.

Felix, Motorola’s latest rollable smartphone, is said to extend in height vertically, making it taller (rather than wider). A third of the phone’s display is buried at the bottom and may be fully extended on-demand to increase the real screen area. Like the Motorola Razr, which uses foldable technology to make the phone smaller and more portable, this is a similar concept.

That the Motorola Felix is still in its early phases of development could also explain why there are no images of the phone accompanying the leak, according to Blass. Motorola did not have a working hardware prototype when it began building the customised phone software experience; instead, it used a modified Motorola Edge 30 Pro to test the software. The Felix won’t be here before 2023, at the earliest.

Due to the Felix’s early stage of development, it’s feasible that it will take on a new form factor entirely. Motorola may potentially decide to abandon the project entirely, in which case the phone will never see the light of day.