Escape Simulator The Library Walkthrough Solution

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In this article we will help in providing Escape Simulator The Library Walkthrough Solution. Edgewood Mansion is a great escape room game. It’s known for it’s challenging puzzles, but also the actor role playing delivering in-game clues.

In this guide, you’ll learn the answers to the puzzles in Edgewood Mansion: The Library. This includes the box, butterfly paintings, gramophone lock, fireplace, and clock.

1. Jack In The Box

Escape Simulator The Library Walkthrough Solution  Jack In The Box
  • Open the right cabinet and push the books to the side to make room.
  • Drag the rope to collect the key by clicking and dragging it.
  • Obtain a copy of the green book, which contains a key icon.
  • Open the green book and take the little key out of it.
  • Use the key from the rope to unlock the left cabinet and remove the box from the cabinet’s shelf.
  • Collect the Lock Book, which can be found on the right shelf.
  • Examine the Lock Book and open it using the little key that was provided.
  • Five red letters are found on pages 6 and 7 of the book.
  • The word “Dream” is written in red characters on a white background.
  • Examine the box and insert the letters “D,” “R,” “E,” “A,” and “M” to open it.
  • Open the box and take the thermometer out of it.

2. Butterfly paintings

Escape Simulator The Library Walkthrough Solution  Butterfly paintings
  • It is critical to begin with an orange butterfly wing on the left and end with a brown butterfly wing on the right (proper). Additionally, identical butterfly wings must be connected from tip to tip. For instance, if the primary butterfly’s fitting wing is brown, the second butterfly’s left wing must also be brown. If the second butterfly’s fitting wing is crimson, the third butterfly’s left wing must also be crimson. According to this logic, the proper sequence of the works is 3, 8, 5, 7, 2.
  • Amass the eighth butterfly painting on the appropriate cupboard.
  • Open the desk’s left drawer and grab the papers.
  • Arrange the second butterfly portrait on the appropriate shelf.
  • Equivalent butterfly wings must be joined in accordance with the papers.
  • Beginning with an orange wing and ending with a brown wing is critical.
  • Similar butterfly wings must also be connected from tip to tip.
  • Butterfly work should be performed in the following order: 3, 8, 5, 7, 2.
  • As a result, the proper mix lock mixture is 3, 8, 5, 7, 2.
  • Amass the vinyl and the crow.
  • Remove the brown book from the path and collect the next vinyl piece.

3. Gramophone Lock

Escape Simulator The Library Walkthrough Solution  Gramophone Lock
  • The combination to the gramophone lock is represented by the gramophone’s assortment of hoots, caws, and screeches. The Owl mannequin is a “9” variety. As a result, a hoot signifies the number “9”. The Crow mannequin’s variety is “3”. As a result, a caw signifies the number “three.” Finally, the Eagle mannequin’s variety is “1”. As a result, a shriek indicates the number “9”. As a result of this, the lock’s mix is 9, 3, 9, 1, as there is a hoot, caw, hoot, and screech.
  • Gather the vinyl piece by opening the fitted drawer beneath the butterfly work.
  • Now, your stock should consist of three vinyl goods.
  • Insert the vinyl records into the gramophone.
  • To position the gramophone on the vinyl, click on the arm.
  • To begin participating in the vinyl, click on the agreement with.
  • You will hear four distinct sounds: “Hoot”, “Caw”, “Hoot”, and “Screech”.
  • Each of the owl, crow, and eagle fashions represents a quantity.
  • Owl has a value of 9, Crow has a value of 3, while Eagle has a value of 1.
  • As a result, the combination for the gramophone lock is 9, 3, 9, 1. (hoot, caw, hoot, screech).
  • Take the matchbox out of the drawer.

4. The Fireplace

Escape Simulator The Library Walkthrough Solution  The Fireplace
  • According to the quote on the thermometer, “To my pricey spouse, My love will all the time be like a burning fireplace”
    As a result, you should light the fire (with a lighted matchstick) and insert the thermometer to open it.
  • Take a matchstick from the matchbox and light it.
  • Drag the matchstick across the matchbox’s facet to soften it.
  • Gently extinguish the fire with the matchstick.
  • Inside the fireside, place the thermometer.
  • After inserting the thermometer into the fire, will almost certainly be opened.

5. The Clock

Escape Simulator The Library Walkthrough Solution The Clock
  • Open the thermometer and have a look at the reading.
  • There are three settings for the thermometer.
  • Center, Backside, and High are the three sections.
  • There is also a thermometer reading “Full Moon” and “Midnight” on the thermometer.
  • Set the clock to “Full Moon,” the time to “Midnight,” and “Center,” “Backside,” “High” on the backside.
  • Escape from Edgewood Mansion’s Library will be possible!
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