DST bug affects smartphone users in Canada

DST bug affects smartphone users in Canada, causing phones to display the wrong time

Smartphone owners in Canada are experiencing a DST problem, which causes iOS to show the incorrect time. The last day of Daylight Saving Time in the United States and Canada is next Sunday, November 7, which means that our clocks will “fall back” an hour. The time on some iPhones & Samsung had been adjusted six days early on Monday morning, especially in Canada, when some users awakened on Monday morning.

A rush of complaints on Reddit and Twitter indicated that smartphone users in Canada awoke this morning to find that the clocks on their phones had been set back one hour, a week ahead of schedule. It appears that the problem is limited to users of Bell, Virgin Plus, and other providers in Canada.

On iPhone fix the issue by Turning off and back on the “Set Automatically” option in the Settings application, which can be found under General, Date and Time, has shown to be effective for some users. After you’ve completed this procedure, your iPhone should be set to the right time.

Despite the fact that the clocks in the United Kingdom and Europe were set back an hour this past weekend, Daylight Saving Time will not finish until the following weekend in Canada and the United States.

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Because this issue appears to be limited to Canada, it’s impossible to determine whether it’s a problem with phone software or a problem with a carrier’s network, although the latter appears to be considerably more likely than the former.

DST bug affects smartphone users in Canada
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