DoorDash now delivers booze in 20 states, Canada, and Australia

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DoorDash, a food delivery company, announced Monday that it is expanding its alcohol delivery service to 20 new states and the District of Columbia, as well as Canada and Australia, bringing its total global access to 100 million adults.

Customers in select locations can toggle to the Alcohol tab of the DoorDash app to explore and safely order from a large range of drinks from restaurants, grocery stores, independent retailers, and convenience stores, the firm said in a press release. According to DoorDash, a 2020 research conducted by the National Restaurant Association indicated that 56% of customers over the age of 21 would buy alcoholic beverages if they were included in a restaurant’s food delivery service.

The function is available to clients 21 and older and requires two rounds of ID verification: once at checkout and again at the door by the delivery driver. According to DoorDash’s customer support page, the company will obscure all identifying information on users’ IDs except their photo and date of birth. The company did not immediately respond to a request for clarification on how the ID verification process would function if a consumer requested contactless delivery.

During the pandemic’s peak last year, when many restaurants ceased in-person dining, some states, including New York, temporarily loosened restrictions on alcohol delivery, providing a much-needed cash stream for numerous businesses. When his predecessor, Gov. Cuomo rescinded the state of emergency in June, and alcoholic beverage deliveries were also suspended, much to the anger of numerous establishments.

Nonetheless, delivery firms saw alcohol distribution as a profitable business stream, despite state and local legislation mandating them to share information with restaurants and generally treat them more equitably. Uber Eats, a rival to DoorDash, purchased alcohol delivery startup Drizly in a $1.1 billion agreement in February. However, that transaction has garnered the attention of the US Federal Trade Commission, which appears concerned that the acquisition could stifle competition.

Additionally on Monday, DoorDash announced agreements with, a non-profit organization dedicated to the elimination of drunk driving and underage drinking, and Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD), another organization dedicated to the same cause.

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