Domina was removed from Steam

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The gladiator management game Domina is no longer available on Steam. The developer has turned their own forum into a toxic sewer and has been shouting and raving for months, which looks to be the catalyst for the ban. It seems this was the developer’s initial offence when they were kicked off the forum for their own game. Posts that “flame or insult other members” are prohibited per Steam’s Rules and Guidelines for discussion and user-generated content.

As a result, the developer’s temper didn’t cool after the initial suspension.

Sadly, this is not the first time this developer has run into legal trouble. A string of politically charged rants concealed within their game’s patch notes set the stage for this entire debacle. The patch notes contained multiple attacks on transgender persons and rants against the use of masks to prevent the spread of disease.

The developer originally gained widespread notoriety after a patch notes article in which he urged his audience to “TAKE OFF THE FCKN MASK – Next time you’re at the grocery store, try showing a woman your face” went viral. Have faith; don’t be frightened by the LIES.

Because of this, Valve took action and banned the developer from their community forum. Nicholas Gorissen, the developer, went on a rant over the prohibition in an attempt to rally support. In his ensuing rage, he lashed out at others he accused of posting phoney reviews in reaction to his ravings. Harassment of Keffals and other prominent trans persons, such as Stephanie Sterling, continued for days, until eventually even other platforms stopped laughing at the joke. Both of his Twitter accounts—one for personal use and one for gaming—have been suspended.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the end of his problems, as Valve eventually discontinued the game altogether. The publisher has requested that Domina be removed from sale on Steam, hence the game is currently unavailable there. Dolphin Barn Interactive’s Nicholas Gorissen, however, claimed on a newly established Gab account that this is “incorrect” and that “Steam cancelled us” because of the company’s stance on trans persons.

Their entire online identity is based on a sense of victimisation. As the game’s removal from Steam approached, they violently attacked Keffals and other trans persons, going on weird rants every few hours. They appear to have persuaded themselves that they are a holy crusader out to exact divine vengeance. Before it was shut down, their social media was awash in pictures of ancient Roman warriors and religious icons. They attacked Valve, trans people, and anybody else who crossed their path in between posts about how manly they are.