Do Companies Still Need To Own Data Centers in 2021 ?

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Do Companies Still Need To Own Data Centers in 2021? Hybrid designs have been in use for years, but traditional architectures are definitely falling out of favour. So the questions comes in the mind Do Companies Still Need To Own Data Centres in 2021 ?

While there could be a logical approach for a divided public/private infrastructure, the logic behind this dwindles with new business models provided by public cloud services providers like Google, AWS, Azure or any other.
Look at why Companies Still Need To Own Data Centres in 2021, the drawback of this approach and why the end of a private data centre can be signalled by new advanced computing solutions.

Reasons behind Companies Still Want To Own Data Centres in 2021

Some years ago, IT managers avoided public clouds because of following key reasons

  • Data security  
  • High availability
  • Application availability
  • Efficiency in general

For most people, the single private data centre advantage is in question is most definitely in terms of increased application performance. Low-latency, high-bandwidth applications such as applications do not do well in conventional clouds. In these cases, it is particularly important that end users have access to the local network, which includes the organization’s data centre as well.

Do Companies Still Need To Own Data Centers in 2021 ?

Applications that have very high levels of efficiency are often harder to scale across low-latency and local networks, as well as the internet. Most applications cannot make a direct connection to the data centres of another cloud service provider because of geographic distance between the applications and their end users. Public clouds that are hundreds or thousands of miles away from the user have poor application performance for latency-sensitive use.

Public clouds are tricky, and they can result in unnecessary expense and headaches.Almost all of those issues were resolved by public cloud providers, and now are of little importance. as opposed to private data centers, public cloud environments are seen as secure alternatives.

Although this has been true for the public cloud, legacy/home-based applications have also gained greater resilience and flexibility as well. In conclusion, tools for cloud computing have gotten increasingly cost effective and automated functions help to keep spending in check.

Do Companies Still Need To Own Data Centers in 2021 ?

How Public Providers Address the Performance Benefits Companies own Data Centres?

The fact that application success resides in the private data centre has brought cloud service providers and telecommunications companies together, and has enabled them to take public cloud technologies to their intended users.

Their edge services are designed to scale, in regions with the most users in mind.More metropolitan edge locations can allow a WFH or hybrid workplace to achieve lower latency without significant private facility costs.

One of the biggest problems faced by a vulnerable infrastructure team is determining which vulnerabilities should be fixed and when too many new ones are found, since vital data is lost in the process of collecting them.

Larger cloud providers also give option to business customers to expand their public cloud build out on-premises LAN or facility colocation as an extension option. For examples, you might look at AWS Outposts or Azure Stack.
The advantage of this local edge service model is that the CSP retains responsibility for on-premises hardware and software management and security.
Meanwhile, the customer manages software, data, and resources using the same tools and processes as they would in a conventional cloud implementation.

A Model of Public Edge/Traditional Cloud Could Mean the End of Company Own Data Centers

As implementations of metropolitan and Micro Cloud continue to proliferate worldwide, it emphasizes that application efficiency is still the last major challenge that companies which have to own and run their own data centres must overcome. While there are surely companies who want to stick to existing data centres, recognise that it would be an upward struggle to justify potential budget dollars in upgrades to private data centres.

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