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Difference between Shortcuts and Siri Shortcuts?

Located on iOS, iPadOS, and MacOS Monterrey, Shortcuts is a wonderful, easy-to-use automation tool. There are two different kinds of shortcuts and they can be used in different ways. You can create a shortcut inside the Shortcuts app, and you can enable Siri Shortcuts.

Difference between Shortcuts and Siri Shortcuts?

Siri Shortcuts are typically a single action that you can trigger with Siri. Shortcuts are made up of ten or more actions, and you create them yourself. Developers can also offer Siri Shortcuts inside their apps.

When you click the "Add to Siri" button inside an app, pre-built shortcuts are available that you can add just by tapping. With the Deliveries app, you can add Siri Shortcuts that let you do things like "Check in on a delivery," "Read my deliveries," "Add a delivery," etc. Siri utilizes your voice to activate shortcuts. Ask Siri to check my deliveries and the shortcut will run.

Additionally, the Shortcuts app presents you with Siri shortcuts. A section such as Automation Suggestions and Shortcuts From Your Apps can be found on the Gallery tab. The action is one that your device recognizes you do often, like using Apple Maps to navigate to the location you frequent most often.

A Siri Shortcut is much more automatic than a normal shortcut, which is manually designed by the user. An Apple Notification may suggest a Siri Shortcut for you.

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