Deathloop Launched with FSR 2.0

Deathloop Launched with AMD’s FSR 2.0 and Key Accessibility Features

Deathloop is the first game to get AMD FSR2.0. In the recent Patch today also added a dedicated photo mode and a slew of accessibility enhancements. Chipmakers are in the midst of an upscaling revolution, if you hadn’t noticed.

It’s a race between AMD, Intel, and Nvidia to see if algorithms can outperform native rendering capabilities. It makes no sense to spend valuable GPU cycles on native 4K when you can actually achieve a crisper and more detailed image by upscaling lesser files.

According to AMD’s new FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0, which was introduced today in an update for Deathloop. More on the new accessibility features that are part of the game patch in a moment.

Hardware Unboxed offers an incredible video showing off FSR 2.0’s performance in practically every type of shootout you could desire, including Nvidia’s DLSS, the previous FSR 1.0, and native rendering at 4K, 1440p, and 1080p resolutions.

PC Gamer looks confident that FSR 2.0 looks better than native 4K in terms of quality, and it may even challenge Nvidia’s DLSS in terms of performance as well. There is some unevenness at 1440p and a significant lack of clarity at 1080p, but it is clearly superior to AMD’s FSR 1.0. (though that tech does have its uses, too).

The RX 6650 XT, AMD’s new $400 RX 6650, is capable of running Deathloop at 1440p with raytracing enabled at above 60fps, according to the firm. Importantly, an AMD graphics card is not required. Using FSR 2.0’s Quality option, Hardware Unboxed was able to get 60fps at 4K on an Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti.

In 2022, AMD claimed it’s a simple technology to integrate into games and may even appear on Xbox, but it does require time to implement; without Unreal Engine or temporal anti-aliasing, a game might take up to four weeks work to develop.

AMD has announced in a blog post that 12 additional titles will receive FSR 2.0 updates “in the coming months.” These games include:

  1. Delysium
  2. Overprime
  3. Asterigos
  4. Swordsman Remake
  5. Nishuihan
  6. Microsoft Flight Simulator
  7. Grounded
  8. Forspoken
  9. Perfect World Remake
  10. Eve Online
  11. Farming Simulator 22
  12. Unknown 9: Awakening

Deathloop’s FSR 2.0 isn’t the only major update. The new patch today adds a dedicated photo mode and a slew of accessibility enhancements, after the game was criticised for lacking them in the early stages of its development. From marking numerous adversaries at once, to permitting one-shot kills, to changing combat difficulty, Arkane definitely listened to player feedback.