Concept smart glasses with MicroLED displays were unveiled by Xiaomi

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The latest products that Xiaomi is revealing are a pair of smart glasses named Xiaomi Smart Glasses. As per The Verge they received information from a business spokesperson indicating that no formal sale plans were in place. Nevertheless, Xiaomi has divulged enough information about the product to make it look feasible.

Xiaomi’s glasses are conventional, but different from the new Glasses from Facebook and Ray Ban, because they contain a built-in display for AR functions. MicroLED has a “simpler structure”, a “longer lifespan”, and “higher pixel density” when compared to OLED, claims Xiaomi. MicroLED’s smaller display size and simple screen integration make it more attractive to Xiaomi.

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MicroLED is seen as the next-generation of OLED technology, as it is self-emissive. Even though it has yet to be used on a significant number of commercial items, it is still very expensive, and thus impractical.

Xiaomi claims that the glasses could one day completely replace your phone and that the glasses are independent, Android devices that are not required to stay connected to a phone at all times. A battery, a five-megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth modules, and an unknown quad-core processor fill the device. Xiaomi says the glasses weigh 51 gm, which is quite light.

The display from Xiaomi is extremely small, with dimensions of 2.4mm x 2.02mm, and can be as bright as 2 million nits. When the light really reaches your eye, it won’t be as bright as it is right now because the high brightness is necessary so that the light is still visible after it has passed through an optical waveguide lens, which refracts and directs the light. For example, Xiaomi states that the screen will be used for navigation, live translation, and notifications.

As previously stated, these glasses may not exist, so it’s best to approach Xiaomi’s promises with a healthy dose of scepticism. Nevertheless, Xiaomi’s announcement is obvious evidence that the company aims to be a major player in the AR space, as it’s set to follow Facebook’s announcement and precede Apple’s iPhone event.

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