China further reduces children’s weekly gaming time to three hours.

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China further reduces children’s weekly gaming time to three hours. According to Bloomberg, news from local news sources, platforms such as Tencent can now be played between 8 and 9pm on Fridays, weekends and holidays for children.

This is a significant reduction from the previous guideline, which in 2019 was normally limited to 1.5 hours a day. In the early months of this month, Tencent was obliged to cut down the amount of time minors may spend one hour on weekends and two hours on weekends in the hit mobile title of Honor of Kings. The additional limitation will probably effect company share prices in this area, which has suffered recent turbulence.

Historically, China has always been averse to video games, although with more nuances than most people think. However, in recent years anti-game rhetoric has been escalated and a leading state-owned news agency called video games “spiritual opium” on August 3rd. The paper, as published by The New York Times, described every way games can hurt Chinese children.

Apart from the time limit for online gaming (and we have requested that our fellow members explain whether one can apply to offline and console gaming), the authorities wish to have all titles connected into a system of anti-addiction. Other new restrictions include maintaining (actual) user name data for all users, more reporting and tighter control in general on the use of in-game transactions.

It is not obvious how much this will affect the actual world, as Tencent maintains minors make up a small part of his overall business. But given the country’s ongoing attack on some sections of the technology industry, there will undoubtedly be more obstacles for enterprises to cross over in future. A week ago, South Korea said that it is going to dip its famed “Cinderella Law.” It banned players from playing between midnight and 6am.

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