Canvas app from NVIDIA turns sketches into pictures using AI.

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For all of you folks who have zero artistic ability and a first grader can draw better than you, NVIDIA has launched a new app that lets you paint landscapes like paintings. Doodles and drawings turn into lifelike landscape images in real time using the new application called Canvas. A free beta is now available to anyone who has an NVIDIA RTX GPU. You can download beta using this link.

The software that powers Canvas is based on NVIDIA Research’s GauGAN AI painting tool, which was built and trained using 5 million images. After introducing the technology to the world, NVIDIA Vice President Bryan Catanzaro called it a “smart paintbrush” You can paint using different materials rather than colours, which will give you the opportunity to see the end result immediately. Drawing lines and shapes on the virtual canvas gives you the ability to select brushes that produce grass, rocks, and clouds as materials. In the beta version of the app, you can play with 15 materials.

Canvas app from NVIDIA turns sketches into pictures

It is very likely that GauGAN’s AI will end up creating the final product to look as real as possible. Water, for instance, will reflect nearby objects, like rocks and trees, if you draw them in. Even entire fields of grass can be replaced by snow if you’d like, which will help you rapidly generate different images of the same landscape during different seasons. You can use one of the nine style filters to simulate the painting style of a particular artist. When you are finished, you can save your work as a Photoshop PSD file for further editing if needed. Here is a video demo of the GauGAN deep learning model in action, which illustrates how the Cavas app will work.

Updates for Adobe’s Substance 3D Collection, which is comprised of several apps, were also unveiled by NVIDIA this morning. Substance 3D Stager is a brand new application that is bundled with Substance 3D Painter, Designer, and Sampler. You can place and position 3D objects in photorealistic scenes in real time with the new app. Creative: You can render accurate lighting and shadows with interactive ray tracing. A large new asset library has also been added, containing 3D models, parametric materials, and lighting.

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